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By Chris and Tim Blackburn


First Name Last Name Birthdate Gender Country Project Title Project Title (Original Language) Synopsis Lyrics Duration Country of Origin Language Trailer URL Country of Filming Project Website Twitter Facebook Project Type Genres Student Project Completion Date Production Budget Shooting Format Aspect Ratio Film Color First-time Filmmaker Directors Writers Producers Key Cast Submission Date
Elle Marsh 8/1/91 Female PUP CULTURE Pup Culture is a glimpse into the world of dedicated the dog hobbyist.

You think you’re pet obsessed? Meet the Melbournians that take dog ownership to a whole new level. Whether it’s eight hours of grooming for a dog show, creating the perfect dance routine, or collecting thousands dog figurines.

Shot in the outer suburbs of Melbourne

0:10:28 Australia English Australia Documentary Yes 18/10/15 400 AUD Digital 16:09 Color No Elle Marsh Elle Marsh 5/3/16
Joel stephen Fleming Australia Jehovah A ruthless murderer is constantly interrupted during his attempt to torture his victim. 0:06:00 Australia English Australia Short horror, black comedy Yes 18/11/15 500 USD Blackmagic RAW 2.39:1 Color No Joel Stephen Fleming Joel Stephen Fleming 14/3/16
max seigal Male Around The World A compilation of my journeys from around the world in 2015, all shot with a drone.

Filmed and edited by Max Seigal (

0:04:00 United States Croatia, Greece, Japan, United States, Viet Nam Short Action No 25/9/15 800 USD 16:09 Color No Max Seigal max seigal 30/3/16
Joris FAVRAUD 5/11/89 Male France Byzantine Byzantine A Drone, a Neo Byzantine church.

A solemn place as the sun highlights every day. Go to his discovery.

0:02:04 France France Short, Web / New Media, Other No 29/3/16 Digital 16:09 Color No Joris FAVRAUD, Guillaume JUIN Joris FAVRAUD, Guillaume JUIN 30/3/16
Darwin brooks 28/8/69 Male Australia Revolving Doors Revolving Doors is a film following two stories.

A late night check – in who pays in cash.

We follow his story as he makes his way to his room, but he has a last minute decision not to stay the night and

proceeds downstairs to check out. Meanwhile we follow the story of the cash, which seems to make it way

through the establishment.

What will happen when the guest returns to check out……..

0:07:00 Australia English Australia Short No 31/12/13 5000 AUD ARRI ALEXA 16:01 Color No DARWIN BROOKS DARWIN BROOKS BLAIR MOORE IAN STENLAKE 7/4/16
Maksim Schastnev 4/11/90 Male Russian Federation Through the mist –°–∫–≤–æ–∑—å —Ç—É–º–∞–Ω World War II, 1943. A group of German soldiers returning after an unsuccessful intelligence service, but not reaching its position, gets under heavy artillery fire. One of the soldiers, Friedrich, manages to escape by diving into a deep crater in the middle of the battlefield. The soldier expects to return to his group once the fire dies down. But then the unexpected happens: a Soviet soldier slides down the crater. Friedrich, unable to come to his senses, commits a mortal hit with his bayonet.

The situation in many ways familiar to the majority of the soldiers, would have remained a simple soldier’s death in the midst of the chaos of the war, but one circumstance changes everything: Friedrich can not get out of the bottomless pit in a daylight until it gets dark. The German soldier has no other option, but to spend the whole light day together with the dying man.

2:10:28 Russian Federation Russian Russian Federation Experimental, Feature, Student No 31/3/16 2500 USD Digital 16:09 Color Yes Maksim Schastnev Maksim Schastnev, Philipp Konyashov Anton Kuznetzov, Nika Schastneva, Ivan Derbilov Alexey Karamazov, Maxim Lebedev 15/4/16
Andreas Avgousti 19/5/90 Male United Kingdom Forget Me Not Forget Me Not revolves around recently widowed Eliza (Sophie Brooke) and her personal journey to self destruction. Buried in guilt, she must fight her own demons while being haunted by a ghost of her past. 0:08:40 United Kingdom English United Kingdom Short horror, psychological thriller, drama No 6/3/16 1150 GBP HD Color Yes Andreas Avgousti Andreas Avgousti Andreas Avgousti Sophie Brooke, Thomas Carney, Nina Krizan 18/4/16
Elliot Spencer 19/7/85 Male Australia Marovo Carver Marovo Carver ~ Carvings from the Solomon Islands


Tasiro is a wood carver who expertly creates traditional sculptures, which represent Solomon Island culture and reflect the natural beauty of the environment that surrounds him. Dedicated to his craft Tasiro uses carving as a means of supporting his family.

This visually captivating documentary reveals a mesmerising contemporary insight into the lives and challenges facing these Solomon Islanders, as they adapt to the existential and ever changing modernising World.

Set in an Island Paradise and narrated exclusively in Marovo Language it is a gentle and uplifting story, told by Tasiro himself, that takes you deep into the World Heritage Listed Marovo Lagoon. It captures an almost surreal moment in time as the past, present and future, come together.

0:13:10 Not Specified—marovo-carver.html Documentary, Short No 1/6/15 Black & White and Color No Elliot Spencer Elliot Spencer 19/4/16
Guillaume Comtois 16/3/88 Male Canada Sisters Two sisters with nothing in common have only one night to come to terms with something that happened in their past. 0:09:55 Canada English Canada Short No 30/4/16 2500 USD HD 21:09 Color No Guillaume Comtois Guillaume Comtois Guillaume Comtois Emelia Hellman, Riva Rose 3/5/16
Jordan Wise 24/8/93 Male United States A Walk Down the Aisle An ambivalent man recollects memories as he heads to church to meet his fiancé. 0:05:00 United States English United States Short, Student Drama Yes 31/3/16 Digital 1.66:1 Color No Daniel Ajemian Daniel Ajemian Jordan Wise Matthew Makita , Claire Chapelli 6/5/16
Joris FAVRAUD 5/11/89 Male Drone Showreel РBigFly Bande Démo Drone РBigFly A Showreel which includes a sports car racing, Ice climbing, a church interior, extreme sports, Brittany landscapes, all punctuated with a voice that transmits the Spirit of BigFly. 0:02:58 France English France Short, Web / New Media, Other No 1/5/16 1000 USD Digital 16:09 Color No Joris FAVRAUD, Guillaume JUIN BigFly 15/5/16
sivan vigder 14/3/05 Female United States Holiday of Holidays Filmed in Israel, by an 11 year old young American film maker , Talia Cohen-Vigder, “Holiday of Holidays” documents the annual holiday festival at the primary school located in the village of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al-Salam, Israel’s only purposely integrated community of Arabs and Jews. The festival, which exemplifies the school’s values, brings together the students’ families and enlists them to participate. Children perform together in both Arabic and Hebrew and engage the multiple cultures and histories of the groups inhabiting Israel, thus demonstrating the possibility not only for peaceful coexistence, but actual friendship and community among Jews and Arabs. 0:04:21 United States Arabic, English, Hebrew Israel Documentary, Short, Student Yes 1/3/16 500 USD digital 16:09 Color No Talia Cohen-Vigder 15/5/16
Jason Fitzgerald 6/4/86 Male Australia The Insect & The Alien An amateur entomologist follows a self-proclaimed “alien” on a mountain expedition, desperate to immortalise his dead wife through the discovery of a new insect species. 0:16:59 Australia English Australia Short No 10/4/16 7500 AUD Digital, Arri Alexa 2.40:1 Color No Jason Fitzgerald Jason Fitzgerald Jason Fitzgerald, Laura Falkner Christopher Sommers, Will Kelly, Jack Henry 18/5/16
David Hansen Slingshot SLINGSHOT is an amusing analogy on modern love through the eyes of one of its latest victims. 0:07:00 Australia English Australia Short Romance No 1/9/15 Digital 16:09 Color No David Hansen David Hansen Michael Ciccone, Margo Lowry, James Meldrum Wright Ruaumoko Toatoa, Natasha Thompson 10/6/16
Michelle Crocker 19/4/77 Female Anatomy of a Hero Anatomy of a Hero’ examines, recognizes and celebrates ordinary individuals within their local environment that become something extraordinary out of adversity.

Anatomy of a Hero documents the personal story of Doug Hislop, his impressive actions on the Brisbane River on the 13th January 2011, the impact his act of heroism had on his community, and what lies behind the man.

It is told from his and his community perspective, as he transforms in the minds of his community while still acknowledging him as a man, his thoughts on being labeled as a hero, and the imprint his actions have left on his life.

0:10:03 Australia English Australia Documentary, Short, Student Yes 1/11/13 1080 (High Definition) on a P2-5 Color Yes Tyra Gunnis Tom van Kalken Michelle Crocker Doug Hislop, Jennifer Woodward, Dr Justine Kemp, Paul Bolton, Dr Axel Bruns 13/6/16
bidyut kotoky Male India Guns and Guitars – a musical travelogue Guns and Guitars track the journey of the director Bidyut back to his root – northeast India.

The 8 northeastern states connect with the rest of the country with a mere corridor of 21 km in breath at places, but shares more than 4500 km of international borders with 5 different countries Filmed as a travelogue, this musical quest brings to light the positive influence of music emanating from the youth living in this region, which is crippled by state and non state violence for the last half a century.

The journey finally culminates on the celebratory night of 24th May with Bob Dylan’s birthday concert, organized by the legendary northeastern musician Lou Majaw for the 41st consecutive years, where all the 8 rock bands with whom we interacted earlier participate. With guitar in their hands and songs of life and hope on their lips, these youngsters are truly instrumental in changing the northeastern canvas of despair and anguish into one of hope and peace, much like how Bob Dylan operated in the America of 60s, torn by civil rights movements & Vietnam War …

1:34:00 India Bengali, English, Hindi India Documentary No 1/3/16 60000 USD HD Color No bidyut kotoky bidyut kotoky bidyut kotoky , vivek bansal bidyut kotoky 16/6/16
Ainsley Pettitt 6/12/94 Female Australia Anchor A depressed teenage boy is admitted into a psychiatric unit where he struggles to come to terms with his illness and stop ignoring the fact that he needs help. 0:12:09 Australia English Australia Short, Student Yes 13/4/15 4000 AUD Digital 16:09 Color Yes Emma Wright Emma Wright Ainsley Pettitt Elijah Wellsmore, Josh Keiser 20/6/16
Vincent Chen 11/11/91 Male FLASH! Kara goes out to dinner. She’s expecting to play pleasantries with awkward school friend Scott but she’s greeted with something surprising. 0:12:05 Australia Australia Short No 14/4/16 4000 USD RED 2.35:1 Color No Vincent Chen Vincent Chen Jessica Cotton Dash Kruck, Rachel Gobel 1/7/16
Linus Leung Male Hong Kong POLAR ACCUSATION 極地控訴 A mother sitting in a prison room, looking dignified. The foot steps approaching, and the door opened, a guard and a interrogate person walked in. The person sitting opposite with the poker face and starts interrogating. The story of the case, process, and consequence told the story of Lisa’s. Telling the life of the polar bear, perseverance, and also love of a mother. Yet, also castigating the action of human, accuse the white power. 0:06:56 Hong Kong Chinese Hong Kong Short No 16/10/14 35000 USD Digital 16:09 Color No Vincent HO Alice FUNG, Eugina LAU 13/7/16
Drew Bailey 24/2/76 Male Australia Young Labor In a time where Australia has lost faith in our politicians, One young woman, KATE STINGER, the first female leader of Young Labor is taking it upon herself to win back the nations’ love through her small, failing youth division of the Labor party. Young Labor is a satirical look at our idealistic leaders of tomorrow and their struggle to be noticed at the bottom of the food chain . 0:14:45 Australia English Australia Short No 1/5/15 RED 16:09 Color No Leon Ford Monica Zanetti Drew Bailey Geraldine Hakewill 17/7/16
Angie Hawes 10/9/00 Female Canada HIS FIRST TIME A young man always remembers his “first time”. First time being truthful that is. Watch as he learns a valuable life lesson from his girlfriend….sometimes it IS best not to tell the truth. 0:06:17 Canada English Canada Short, Student Yes 25/7/16 500 USD Cannon 3Ti Color No Angel Violet Angel Violet Brian Morelan 26/7/16
Shane Anderson 15/4/91 Male Australia Red Curtain Hell Set in real-time over the opening night of a troubled production of Hamlet: a cast of narcissistic actors, incompetent stage-crew and a megalomaniac director collide behind-the-scenes of the ongoing show to give the audience a night they’ll never forget. 1:30:06 Australia English Australia Feature Dark Comedy No 20/3/16 2500 AUD Digital 21:09 Color Yes Shane Anderson Shane Anderson Shane Anderson, Glynn Tucker Justin Harreman, Rita Artman, Jonathan Tuck, Rebecca Bradley, Ben Harrow 18/8/16
Megan Chambers 22/12/95 Female Australia Arcade Maggie is stuck in a dead-end job, supervising old games in a run-down arcade. She’s an avid reader of how-to books, but struggles to put theory into action. On a fateful bus trip she meets Ferdinand, a free-spirited and eccentric retiree, who teaches her that there’s no how-to book for life. 0:09:58 Australia English Australia Short, Student Comedy, Drama Yes 10/12/15 5000 AUD Digital 16:09 Color Yes Megan Chambers Megan Chambers Jacob Detwiler, Ayla Beaufils Pia O’Connell, Tony Cooke, Cameron Caulfield, Harrison Carr, Rebecca Bradley 21/8/16
Tristan Savage 2/12/85 Male Australia Gubbament Man Frederick Alford, a forty-five year old Indigenous man working for the Australian Department of Discrimination Prevention, is in the middle of an interview with a documentary film crew. When his teenage daughter Kyeema shows up at the office, he is only too keen to get her involved. 0:07:51 Australia English Australia Short, Web / New Media Comedy, Drama, Satire No 26/1/16 2000 AUD Digital HD264 16:09 Color Yes Rodrigo Arias Tristan Savage Tristan Savage Tristan Savage, Lili Bayles, Liv Wilson 1/9/16
ChaoYang University of Technology Taiwan Afro Crab 爆炸頭阿蟹 A-SIE,the crab, was watching TV with his friend, the fish. Suddenly, Cook came and took the fish.To save his friend, A-SIE left his comfort zone and fight with Cook! 0:04:04 Taiwan Taiwan Animation, Short, Student Yes 28/5/16 Digital Color Yes Chen Liang Yu Chen Liang Yu Chen Liang Yu 1/9/16
ChaoYang University of Technology Taiwan Falling B√©b√© ÂÜç˶ãÂØ∂Ë≤ù Our main topic works primarily from the perspective of a baby in the womb and as a starting point to discuss the issue of abortion for social views, and try to figure out each person’s most pure innocent childhood, also discuss the momentum when a women‚Äôs womb are the symbol of protection failing. We were unable to give an absolute answer on abortion on social values , because it is not just a simple yes or no, it affect a variety of reasons and concerns after the decision made, like this world there things that‚Äôs simply inevitable .

In today’s society we talking about politics, homosexuality, social cases and other issues, but about “abortion” in this topic, we are unable to use a positive mind to think even feel shy, embarrassed. But the fact that abortion is one of the topics you and I have a need to know, according to statistics abortion people are not a minority, but people are willing to share the experience of only a few.

The project presented in animated form, for a variety of injuries abortion, mental and spiritual aspects of small to large to social perception, to explore and analyze the role and use of the set of twins, a rare precious irony declining birthrate society twins. No dialogue form to the island as the main body of the uterus, using bubble, tree, red rain and other elements, a symbol of women from pregnancy to abortion during the baby feel for the environment, with the baby feel about the environment, so that the viewer understands the fetus in fact, the body has all the senses, so when they suffer pain during an abortion is even more unspeakable.

The ultimate goal, to arouse the viewer’s reflection, like a silent movie dialogue form, the viewer can also reflect upon the importance of life.

0:04:56 Taiwan Taiwan Animation, Short, Student Yes 28/3/16 620 USD Digital Color Yes Wang Yang Zhen Wang Yang Zhen Huang,Guan-Min 1/9/16
ChaoYang University of Technology Taiwan Memory ÊÇ∏ÊÜ∂ People about to lose their center of gravity. Even suffering from disorders due to trauma. Animation to horror suspense way, exhibit psychological feelings of   post-trauma stress disorder. Hope to let people know more about it. And hope they can be better. 0:06:02 Taiwan Taiwan Animation, Short, Student Yes 30/4/16 628 USD Digital Color Yes LI, YUEH-JONG LI, YUEH-JONG LEE KUAN GUAN 1/9/16
ChaoYang University of Technology Taiwan The Persimmon Tree Âú®ÊüøÂ≠êÊ®π‰∏ä This story is set in the fall. We bound the images of “persimmon” and memories of mother together. To send the persimmon to mom, the little mouse constantly went higher and farther. It seems awkward, but impressive to convey the thoughts to meet the person in the heaven. 0:04:36 Taiwan Taiwan Animation, Short, Student Yes 31/5/16 390 USD Digital Color Yes YEH CHAO CHUN YEH CHAO CHUN, WANG PEI YUN, TU AN NI 1/9/16
Toonz Animation Tim and His Books Tim does not care for his books and one fine day the books decide to have their say and make sure that Tim takes care of his books. 0:03:43 India English India Animation, Short Children No 30/11/15 100000 USD Digital 16:09 Color No Animesh Nigam Toonz Animation India 21/9/16
Aaron Ellis 29/12/89 Male Australia Spill It is 1999 at West Meadows Primary School and the marble craze has hit an all time high. Maxy, through his good sense of judgement and likability has scored himself a decent marble collection and has become a force in the sandpit. School bully Plugga catches wind of Maxy’s growing collection and the fact that it is beginning to threaten his position as marble leader. With this newfound knowledge, Plugga devises a plan to stop Maxy in his tracks. Will Maxy overcome Plugga or will he fall victim to his antics like so many before him? 0:09:13 Australia English Australia Short No 1/10/15 10000 AUD Red Epic Dragon 16:09 Color Yes Aaron Ellis Aaron Ellis Lester Ellis Jr Samuel Edwards, Ellmir Asipi, Grace Rosebirch, Lester Ellis Jr 26/9/16
Thomas Evans 23/4/97 Male The Feud of Brick Hill Two lego space men feud over a hill in space. 0:01:45 Australia Animation, Short, Student Sci-Fi, Comedy Yes 17/8/16 16:09 Color No 28/9/16
Radheya Jegatheva 29/4/99 Male Australia Don’t Look Under Your Bed Someone moves from one apartment to another and it leads to some disastrous consequences, as things that go bump in the night are not merely dreams… 0:04:04 Australia English Australia Animation, Student Creepypasta, Horror Yes 25/7/15 10 USD Digital 16:09 Color Yes Radheya Jegatheva Radheya Jegatheva Radheya Jegatheva, Jay Jay Jegathesan Menso Jagtenberg 29/9/16
Christian Grewe 22/3/80 Male Ghana Airtime Set in the desert of Dubai, the urban spaces of Hongkong or the stunning landscapes of Hawaii, “AIRTime” is a 4K drone film, which chronicles a mix of travel experiences filmed across 12 countries over 7 months.

Reaching those moments took me 80.000 km of journey.

The film contains several different trips, one around the world, one to South Asia and some short trips around Europe.

cinematography / production I Christian Grewe

music I Ryan Taubert “We All Play A Part” licensed by

destinations I Germany РHamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Neu Schwanstein, Rothenburg, Lüneburger Heide, Netherlands РAmsterdam, Italy РLake Garda, Greece РCrete, USA РMaui, Canada РVancouver, Hong Kong, Tokio, Dubai, Vietnam РHalong Bay, Myanmar РChaungtha & Bagan, Southafrica РCape Town, Table Mountain & Lions Head

equipment I DJI Phantom 3

contact I Add me on Facebook: Christian Grewe   Email:

special thanks to I Verena Mühlenbeck & Benjamin Semm & Romano Warlo & Viviana and Kosta Mühlenbeck.

All flights were produced as noncommercial filmmaterial and operated with an international insurance. Further on I abided by security agreements.

All rights reserved. I explicitly prohibit using my work without permission.

0:06:08 Germany Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Myanmar, Netherlands, South Africa, United Arab Emirates Experimental, Short, Web / New Media No 13/4/16 10000 EUR DJI Phantom 3 Color No 1/10/16
Keiko Yagi 26/4/67 Female Japan BEHIND THE COVE Rebutting the Academy Award¬Æ Winning Documentary “THE COVE”.

Negative media coverage on Japan about the never-ending whaling issue prompted first-time documentary filmmaker Keiko Yagi to find out more about the topic. With no budget, limited experience in filmmaking, no fluency in English, but armed with a video camera and a strong desire to find out about the truth of the matter on whaling, I started my research.

What started out as a personal investigation triggered by childhood memories of whale meat dishes inevitably led me to the town of Taiji, the center of the whaling debate and the stage of THE COVE. What I found through my experiences there

and elsewhere was a much bigger story than I had initially


1:45:00 Japan English, Japanese Japan, United States Documentary, Feature Enveroment, Culture, Food No 4/9/15 350 USD Digital, Blu-ray 16:09 Color Yes Keiko Yagi Keiko Yagi Keiko Yagi Louis Psihoyos, Richard O’Barry, Joji Morishita, Hideki Moronuki, David Hance, Kazutaka Sangen 5/10/16
Rachael Belle Myers 21/1/86 Female Australia First World Problems Two mates discuss the hardships of their lives over a bad cup of coffee, oblivious to the beauty and sadness surrounding them. 0:04:52 Australia English Australia Short Comedy No 21/5/16 6000 AUD Digital 16:09 Color No Rachael Belle Myers Rachael Belle Myers Rachael Belle Myers Clint Facey, Joe Davidson 7/10/16
Angie Hawes 10/9/00 Female Canada Mind Game Demon 0:06:28 Canada English Canada Short Yes 1/8/15 200 USD Cannon Camera T3i 16:09 Color Yes Angie Hawes (14 year old Student) Angie Hawes Michele Hawes Angie Hawes, Melina Suelzle, Devin Hawes, Michele Hawes 10/10/16
Joe D’Arcy 24/1/61 Male Australia ‘Je suis un Crayon’ (I am a Pencil) Je suis un Crayon (I am a Pencil) ‘Je suis un Crayon’ (I am a Pencil) was inspired by the three million people in France who marched in support of unity, peace, and the freedom of expression on January 11th 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Whilst the pencil experiences its life, it draws the world ‘as it is-as it sees it’. The pencil (like the artist) has an innate drive to create and it will always express, irrespective of whether it is granted permission or not.

0:05:40 Australia English Australia Animation, Short Drama No 15/9/15 Red 16:09 Color No Joe D’Arcy Joe D’Arcy Joe D’Arcy, Carol D’Arcy Pierre Maubouche, Carol D’Arcy 10/10/16
David Kelly 18/3/80 Male No Fury A mysterious woman visits a drug lair for a sinister transaction, but not everything is at it seems… 0:12:45 Australia English Australia Short No 28/2/15 7000 AUD Digital 16.9 Color No David John Kelly Matthew Scott, David John Kelly Yolandi Franken Susie Lindeman, Goran Kleut 11/10/16
Jan Vard√∏en 29/7/62 Male Norway Autumn Fall Autumn Fall is an adult drama/comedy set in beautiful Oslo. Ingvld works as a lightning technician at the National Theatre but dreams of writing for the stage. However she can’t stand actors. She still manages to entangle herself with two thespians, one a notorious hell raiser and she embarks on an exciting, scandalous, and utimately very dangerous journey that changes her life forever. 1:38:00 Norway Norwegian Norway Feature No 31/7/15 1000000 USD 0.100694444 Color No Jan Vard√∏en Jan Vard√∏en Jan Vard√∏en Helge Jordal, Ingeborg Sundrehagen Raust√∏l, Bj√∏rn Sundquist, Hege Sch√∏yen, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Hilde Louise Asbj√∏rnsen 16/10/16
Tristan Klein 13/9/85 Male Australia Postcards to Ulay Serji’s life is thrown into disarray when his Siberian Snoofhound is sent to Pluto. 0:04:59 Australia English Australia Animation No 1/12/15 300 USD Digital – After Effects 16:09 Color No Tristan Klein, Nick Baker Nick Baker Tristan Klein, Nick Baker Francis J Edwards 16/10/16
Isabella Le 20/3/91 Female Australia The Shed While driving down a quiet country road, Dillon comes across a strange scene: a mysterious man dragging a woman into the forest. Dillon pulls over and runs into the forest to help her, but ends up lost in the strange wooded area, haunted by the woman’s echoing screams. Finally he comes across an eerie shed where the woman is being held. But he isn’t prepared for what he finds inside. 0:08:00 Australia English Australia Short horror, thriller No 1/12/15 7000 AUD RED Color No Aaron Bergman Jackson Aaron Bergman Jackson Isabella Leone , David Pratico Ben McNamara, Danielle Armstrong 17/10/16
Tristan Barr United Kingdom Gabby’s First Time Meet Gabby. She‚Äôs a complete social misfit who likes walks along the river and wearing Christmas jumpers all year round. When Gabby stumbles upon a film of low morals and an even lower budget, her sexual curiosity sparks an unexpected journey of self-discovery, social acceptance and human connection. But will Gabby ever meet someone who sees the world the same way she does? Gabby‚Äôs First Time explores boys being boys, girls being girls, and that no matter who you are, you’re never alone in the world. 0:13:20 Australia English Australia Short Comedy No 30/4/16 Super 35mm, Digital Color Yes Tristan Barr Chelsea Zeller, Tristan Barr Ally Bjornstad, Tristan Barr Chelsea Zeller, Ally Bj√∏rnstad, Jackson Trickett 18/10/16
Jeffrey Bird 20/3/67 Male 13 Days To Adelaide Anne and Gabriel are newly engaged. During a camper van trip, however, their relationship gets fissures: Does Gabriel really want to marry Anne or is she just a replacement for his ex? Anne confronts him, although that might mean the end of the relationship. Will it survive the remaining 13 days to Adelaide? 7:58:00 Australia English Australia Short, Student Yes 24/12/15 3500 AUD Super 16 film – Kodak 250D 16:09 Color Yes Paul Bullinger Paul Bullinger Samuel Louis Hicks, Paul Bullinger Melanie Gallimore, Alexander Rouse 18/10/16
Emil Sallinen Might Maryam, a rebel leader in an archaic world governed by ruthless religion, is set to prove that the god hovering in the sky is a lie. But she is stopped by a holy warrior that turns out to be her lost father. Soon their lives change as they are about to find out a secret only a god can keep. 0:08:53 Finland Finland Short Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller No 15/1/16 65000 EUR Digital 2:35:01 Color No Emil Sallinen Emil Sallinen Artur Sallinen, Taneli Sallinen, Kalle Salovaara Sara Soulié, Jonathan Hutchings, Henry Hanikka, Agneta Lindroos 19/10/16
DR ARUPRATAN CHOUDHURY 23/1/52 Male Bangladesh Haven To Hell The Story of ‚Äú Heaven to Hell‚Äù Shorgo Theke Norok based on Drug addiction , drug abuse, treatment   & prevention .A young boy named Emon become drug addicted by his friends of his college in a hostel. Emon became   drug addicted after attending a party of 31st December(New years night). Emon became drug addicted because His father use to spent lot of money after him sending him to stay in a boys hostel where he became addicted with peer group pressure. His family members came to know the matter when his college examinations results gradually detoriating. His father got a letter from the College authority that his son is doing bad results for the last few months. Then father asked his mother whether she knows this fact, then she said she knows but did not told him because he is a diabetic & heart diseases patients & might be excited which will do more harm to him. Father said my son is more important than me ,you have done wrong , you should have told me .After that his father & mother took him (Emon) to the Drug rehab centre for   treatment. Emon‚Äôs father was a rich businessman who has lot of friends those were doing drug smuggling & he also became involved in drug business but finally caught red handed by the police & put him to the jail. In the treatment centre (The Hero) met one beautiful girl called Nipun. She was   also admitted for her   drug addiction but could not rectify herself after lot of counseling. Nipun was a student & wanted to be a model .And during her show time in different events, she was also addicted with drugs by her other model friends by convincing her to be more attractive & slim. Nipun father was a man of novel profession but use to drink (alcohol) occasional at home. Nipun noticed that and thought it not a bad habit. By this time Emon Fall in love with Nipun he tried his best to make her recover from drug addiction but she failed to do that again & again By this time   Emon became totally drug free after treatment and   adamant to make her (Nipun) well & drug free .After long Struggle Nipun (The heroine) became totally drug free because of Emon. Because Emon did lot of Counseling for her after his recovery. Finally he made it   & came to a success. After the Complete recovery of Nipun they became more vocal against this drug abuse & addiction & organized a group to fight against drug addiction in the society to prove that ‚ÄúThe world is Beautiful like a Heaven & we will never let any one go to the hell‚Äù. 2:04:00 Bangladesh Bengali Bangladesh Feature No 20/12/15 120000 USD Digital 16:09 Color Yes Dr. Arup Ratan Choudhury Dr. Arup Ratan Choudhury Dr. Arup Ratan Choudhury Ferdous & Nipun 20/10/16
Shoko Takegasa Female 1001001 A robot wakes up amongst heaps of trash in the deep recesses of a dark alley. With no recollection of what happened before or after he was thrown away, will this robot try to return home to the family he worked for? 0:03:48 Japan Japan Animation, Short No 1/2/16 Color No Yu Sato 21/10/16
Shoko Takegasa Female Sociopaths A girl encounters an android on the street. She finds something strange about the experience and decides to follow the android to give it a “message.” 0:05:24 Japan Short No 1/6/15 Color No A.T. 21/10/16
Nada Al-Musleh Qatar Joud & Soud – THE GIFT Joud wa Soud – AL HADEYA It reaches the shore with a great big ribbon and a tag that says “To: Joud *wa Soud”; but will they have the courage to open it?! Joud & Soud, who they are and the story behind the strange looking gift..

* “wa” is an Arabic alphabetic letter, which means “&”.

0:05:55 Qatar Arabic Qatar Animation, Short, Web / New Media Children Entertainment, Edutainment, Cultural, fiction, fantasy, family, adventure, comedy, children, entertainment No 30/8/16 Color Yes Nada Al-Musleh Nada Al-Musleh DewLand Productions Nada Al-Musleh, Shout Al-Musleh, Ahmad Ahmad 26/10/16