Dead Squad

Produced by Six17 Films and Movie Studio Bali

A horror movie that pays homage to the classic schlock films of the 1980’s.
Campy, fun and gory

Plot Outline
‘Dead Squad’ is an exciting throwback to schlock horror films of the early 80s, involving a group of young people on holiday in a tropical paradise who become lost in the jungle while on a river rafting trip and happen upon ancient ruins filled with unimaginable snarky horrors.

Conan Stevens
Erika Ervin
Bianca Zouppas
Guy Talon
Alina Carson
Ryan Sobolski
Jonathan Looper
Elizabeth Morse
Stephen Dixon
Peer Metze
Matt Grey
Reka Gavaldi
Carma Sharon

Directed By
Dominik Hauser

Written By
Dominik Hauser
Nancy Thornhill

Produced By
Christopher Hatton
Orlando Bassi
Dominik Hauser

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