No! Actress Jodie Comer is not married yet but have been in several relationship over the years

Jodie Comer have had a lot of facetiming with her boyfriend after COVID happened and she had said, "it’s working! It’s really good."


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In 2020, English actress Jodie Comer was head over heels in love with her mystery man. While discussing her character, Villanelle in Killing Eve with Vogue, she suddenly disclosed her love life and said, “I’m very much in it. I think love’s the best.”

Jodie further stated that she had been single for some time and suddenly found love in this man, whom she considered great.

While Jodie seemed hesitant to reveal her then-boyfriend’s name at the time, it was revealed that they met while attending a party in Boston.

Regarding her newly budding love, the actress had said, “You know, I would never want to speak badly about people in my past, but yeah, this relationship feels very different.”

As per credible sources, her mystery boyfriend was no other than an American lacrosse player, James Burke.

Killing Eve

IMDb Action Adventure Drama

The lives of analyst Eve and skilled assassin Villanelle become inseparable even after the series of events took deadly twists and turns.

CreatorsPhoebe Waller-Bridge
Release DateApril 8, 2018
StudioSid Gentle Films, Fifth Season, BBC America
Jodie Comer

Sandra Oh
Fiona Shaw
WritersLuke Jennings,
Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Laura Neal
Runtime42 minute

Netizens once bashed Jodie Comer for dating James Burke while playing a gay character in ‘Killing Eve’

Some four years back, Jodie Comer experienced a wide form of hatred from social media users after it was claimed that her boyfriend, James Burke, was a Republican.

People blamed her for dating a Trump supporter while representing the LGBTQ community on-screen and called it ‘not only wrong but disgusting.’ And the hatred people spit through social media left Jodie stunned.

Later, in an interview with InStyle, the Killing Eve actress addressed the matter, saying that she found it really shocking how people dragged her and her partner into such absurdity.

Rather than defending herself, she chooses not to give an explanation to people for the sake of her own mental health.

Ever since then, Jodie has remained a bit private about her relationship. She has hardly made a public appearance with her boyfriend in recent years, making people question if she is still together with her boyfriend or has separated. Meanwhile, it’s for sure that Jodie Comer is not married and doesn’t have a husband.

Additional Information

  • Jodie Comer was born to Donna and James Comer on March 11, 1993, in Liverpool, England.
  • Jodie once said that she would live with her parents until she turned grey, but she is equally looking for her personal space and independence.
  • Jodie Comer’s next project is the post-apocalyptic horror film 28 Years Later, which will be released in 2025.


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