Amandla Stenberg’s father, Tom Stenberg, has an estimated net worth of $500k, while the daughter got $3 million!

Amandla's father, Tom Stenberg does not have social media accounts.


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Recently, the Star Wars actress Amandla Stenberg has been making waves in the media for releasing a song as a response to racism. However, this has brought attention to her biracial parents, especially her father.

Amandla Stenberg was born to parents Karen and Tom Stenberg in Los Angeles, US, but they separated when she was young.

According to various online sources, her father, Tom, is a music promoter. Further, according to his LinkedIn profile, he is the president of Stenberg & Stenberg Process Service Company.

Although no official reports are available to confirm, many estimate that Tom Stenberg has a net worth of around $500k.

Amandla receives backlash for her new music, as fans say she is being racist towards her father!

Being born to an African American mother and Danish father, Amandla has received quite a lot of racist comments from the start of her career.

Her father, Tom was born in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, through which she got to explore the country’s culture and delicacies.

In addition, the 25 years old actress also spent three months in her father’s hometown during the pandemic. She further states the place holds a special place in her heart and likes to keep visiting often.

Being mixed race, people do not believe her when she says she has a white father, and she has always been vocal about the racism she faces and the challenges she has to go through.

She states, “When I was younger, I remember people not believing that my dad was my dad because I was Black and he was white.

However, with the recent release of her new song in response to the racism she faces, she further received backlash from fans.

A Twitter user further tweets, “I think it’s hilarious that the response to Amandla Stenberg calling out racist Star Wars fans is ‘but…but she’s got a rich white daddy’!”

However, she shares a close bond with both her parents, which is evident on her Instagram, as she occasionally posts pictures of them.

Additional Information

  • Apart from Amandla, Tom has two more daughters from his previous marriage, the names of which have not been disclosed to the public.
  • After Amandla’s breakthrough in The Hunger Games as Rue, she appeared in various other movies and shows, including The Hate U Give, Mr. Robinson, and more.
  • She came out as non-binary and uses is comfortable in using both ‘She/Her’ and ‘They/Them’ pronouns.
  • Amandla is also an incredible singer with songs like ‘Let My Baby Stay,’ ‘Always,’ and more.
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