Barry Keoghan’s before and after photos suggest he might have undergone plastic surgery, but is it true?

The Saltburn cast Barry Keoghan's jawline appears sharper than before.


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The appearance of Barry Keoghan in Sabrina Carpenter’s music video Please Please Please sparked fan comparisons of his before and after pictures. However, the noticeable change in his facial features seems to be due to weight loss or aging rather than any plastic surgery.

While Barry Keoghan‘s noticeable changes in his facial features, like his plumped lips and defined jawline, have been the talk of the town, there are no confirmed reports to support this speculation.

It appears that he underwent some weight loss due to a health condition, specifically the flesh-eating disease necrotizing fasciitis.

Moreover, many online suggest that the changes in his appearance might simply be due to the natural aging process.

Regardless, there is no evidence to suggest that he had any plastic surgery; his appearance is likely attributed to factors such as weight loss and aging.


IMDb DramaThriller

A student at Oxford University finds himself drawn into the world of a charming and aristocratic classmate, who invites him to his eccentric family’s sprawling estate for a summer never to be forgotten.

DirectorEmerald Fennell
Release DateNov 17, 2023
StudioLuckyChap Entertainment
CastBarry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike
Runtime2 hour 11 minutes
WritersEmerald Fennell

A potentially deadly infection linked to weight loss and transformation of Barry Keoghan!

Barry’s disclosure about his health condition, a potentially life-threatening infection, could explain his weight loss and transformation.

Even an aesthetics Doctor on Instagram, Dr Jonny Betteridge, has talked about how Keoghan’s oval-shaped face is now more defined and square-shaped.

Additionally, he also talks about how his lips look plumper and the definition of his cupid bow compared to the past.

Moreover, people note that his cheekbones used to be less defined, whereas now, his cheekbones and jawline have more projection, giving him a more masculine look.

Many online users, including Instagram user @sneec41, argue that Barry Keoghan’s transformation is simply a result of growing up.

She states, “I think he’s just grown up and lost his baby face. Boy’s faces do get more angular with age. Look at school year books, the change in some is phenomenal and natural.

People speculate that he may have undergone various procedures such as botox, rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal, and jawline filler. However, there has been no official confirmation of these claims.

Additional Information

  • Irish actor Barry Keoghan was born on October 17, 1992 and is 31 years old as of now.
  • He shares a son with his former girlfriend, Alyson Kierans, a dental nurse and orthodontic therapist.
  • Barry has roles in various movies and TV series such as ‘TopBoy, Saltburn, Eternals’, and more.
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