Charlie Dizon’s facial changes might be due to weight loss, not plastic surgery!

Charlie has revealed the secret behind her stunning transformation and well-maintained body.


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The actress Charlie Dizon has been the talk of the town lately because of her looks, which seem different from before. However, the noticeable change in her facial features seems to be due to weight loss rather than any cosmetic procedure.

While it made many curious if she underwent plastic surgery, especially a nose job, her transition video makes it evident that she hasn’t.

Since her television debut in Bagani in 2018, her appearance has not changed much, but her facial proportions have definitely become more pronounced.

From her appearance in her shows, it is visible she has been losing weight, and as of now, Charlie Dizon weighs around 112 lbs.

Further, there is no evidence to suggest that she had plastic surgery; her natural beauty is likely attributed to factors such as weight loss or aging.

Four Sisters Before The Wedding

IMDb Comedy Drama

After discovering that their parents’ marriage is on the brink of ending, the Salazar siblings scheme to bring them back together in time for their 20th anniversary in a prequel to “Four Sisters and a Wedding.”

DirectorMae Czarina Cruz
Release DateDecember 11, 2020
StudioABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. SCX
CastAlexa Ilacad, Belle Mariano, Charlie Dizon
WritersVanessa R. Valdez
Runtime1 hour 56 minutes

Many believe Charlie Dizon has a complicated skincare and diet routine, but she keeps it simple!

Charlie Dizon reveals that despite her glowing skin and fit physique, she is quite low-maintenance and doesn’t spend much time on skincare and healthy eating plans.

During Kapamilya Chat’s ‘Game of Firsts,’ Charlie mentioned that she doesn’t follow a strict diet. She enjoys eating whatever she wants at any time of the day.

However, her secret is portion control; this way, she can still eat anything she wants without consuming more calories than her body needs.

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When Charlie was training to be a K-pop star, she was cautious about her weight and adhered to the K-pop industry standard diet.

But, she occasionally overdoes the chocolate and wakes up to a pimple the following morning. Moreover, she said she wished people would stop judging girls for having pimples.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a pimple or something because sometimes you don’t even know what’s going on in the human body,” Charlie said.

So, Charlie Dizon could keep herself thin and slender without having to undergo any operations by applying a few tricks to her everyday routine.

Additional Information

  • Charlie Dizon was born in April 12, 1996, as April Rose Dizon Matienzo-Aquino.
  • Along with being a Filipino actress, she is also a model and singer.
  • On June 9, 2024, she married actor Carlo Aquino at a private ceremony in Silang, Cavite, witnessed by close friends.
  • She won The Best Actress award in 2020 for Fan Girl and in 2024 for Third World Romance.
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