After the failed scheme, Cressida Cowper faces social exile with her fate left unresolved!

Disclaimer: The following article contains spoilers for Bridgerton season 3. Read at your own risk.


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In season 3 of Bridgerton, Cressida Cowper made somewhat rash decisions that backfired one by one in a desperate attempt to escape her rather oppressive home environment, which led her to an uncertain future.

Cressida Cowper becomes a major hurdle to the Bridgerton and Featherington family as she tries to take credit as Lady Whistledown and threaten Penelope Featherington.

In the final moments of season 3, she leaves the house in a carriage to go to live with a spinster aunt in the corner of Wales.

Though she portrayed a cold-hearted person till the end, fans felt otherwise and thought Cressida Cowper deserved better.


IMDb Drama Romance

The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society.

CreatorChris Van Dusen
Release DateDecember 25, 2020
StudioShondaland CVD Productions
CastNicola Coughlan, Claudia Jessie, Luke Newton
WritersJulia Quinn
Runtime1 hour

In Season 3, Cressida Cowper strives to break free from societal and familial constraints!

In previous seasons, the show presented Cressida as a self-centered, beautiful girl with a rather sharp and unkind tongue.

This season of Bridgerton, however, sheds light on her home life, explaining why she is so and her desperate need to secure a match.

Cressida Cowper happened to have a cruel and unkind father who wanted to marry his daughter off as soon as possible. So, it’s no wonder she referred to her own home as a mausoleum, a building for the burial chamber of a deceased person or people.

After failing to charm Lord Debling, she finds herself in a dire situation! She is to marry Lord Greer, who appears even older than her father.

To her rescue, Queen Charlotte announces £5000 rewards for the one who presents evidence to unveil Lady Whistledown’s identity.

Cressida Cowper sees this as her opportunity to escape the convent and pretends to be her.

She wishes to rent an apartment in Venice and live on the money she received as a reward. Likewise, she dreams of becoming an independent stylish lady wearing the latest Italian fashions.

However, the happily-ever-after that she wished for didn’t turn out the way she had planned. By claiming to be the author, she faces repercussions as her match, albeit of her father’s age, rejects her, and now she accompanies her aunt, Joanna, to Wales.

Though Cressida Cowper was somewhat of an antagonist, many fans felt she deserved better than what happened at the end.

Nevertheless, many believe that in the forthcoming seasons, she will have room for growth, which will lead to a happy ending for Miss Cowper.

Additional Information

  • Season 3 of Bridgerton marks the first time the show released two parts, each consisting of four episodes.
  • For the season, Jess Browell took over the showrunner duties from Chris Van Dusen.
  • This season, Hannah Dodd took over the role of Francesca from Ruby Stokes, who moved on to star in Netflix’s Lockwood & Co. Filming of this season started on July 20, 2022, and wrapped on March 2023.
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