Sandy Sabara embraces both parental roles as a single mother to Daryl Sabara and her brother!

As a single mother, Sandy worked hard to lift her sons' spirits and encourage them to succeed.


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Sandy Sabara, mother of Daryl Sabara, has taken on the roles of both mother and father to him and his brother, Evan Sabara, since their father left the family.

American actor Daryl Christopher Sabara said, “My mom was basically my mom and dad, and she did the best she could.

Further, he deeply appreciates that his mom was always there for him and supported him throughout his life

Sandy Sabara is an individual who works every day to change lives as a social worker. Along with that, she did a marvelous job raising her son and brother.

So, Daryl never misses wishing her a happy birthday on August 8 and Mother’s Day. Once, he posted a thank you message to her, saying, “There isn’t anyone else in the world that can do the things you do.”

Daryl’s parenting philosophy was greatly influenced by the absence of a father figure in his life!

Daryl Sabara is dedicated to being a present and active father, contrary to his growing-up story without a father. While the identity of Daryl’s father remains private, he left his wife and son when Daryl was one.

He opens up about how growing up without a traditional role model, his father, was a blessing. Since, as a father to Riley and Barry, he can now create his own idea of fatherhood.

The actor admits he never saw himself marrying or being a father, but now he loves being a husband, and his sons bring him much joy.

He said, “When Riley turned one, I had this kind of breakdown, as I’d surpassed the amount of time my dad was with me. I couldn’t imagine ever leaving my son.

Furthermore, he appreciates what his sons have managed to teach him, the joy of playing together and being active. Daryl finds immense joy in fatherhood, describing it as a transformative experience.

He likes his involvement as a father and how he can work towards building a new type of paternal relationship, which he never felt in his childhood.

So, Daryl Sabara praises his mother for raising him alone and how her strength influenced his life. This experience has shaped how he approaches being a father.

Additional Information

  • Daryl Christopher Sabara, 32, was born on June 14, 1992, in Torrance, California, United States. His fraternal twin brother Evan Abara is a voice actor, and both are mostly of Russian-Jewish descent.
  • He married singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor on December 22, 2018, on Meghan’s 25th birthday. They announced their second child, a boy, on The Kelly Clarkson Show on April 25, 2023.
  • Daryl is known for the Spy Kids film series, a variety of television and film roles such as the ‘Last Chance Detective,’ ‘Wizards of Waverly Place,’ and his voice roles like in ‘Generator Rex,’ and ‘Father of the Pride.’
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