At age 21, Gianna Pettus is the only one still in college in the Too Hot To Handle Season 6 cast!

The 21-year-old Gianna Pettus is one of the youngest cast members on the show.


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Gianna Pettus, one of the youngest cast members of the latest season of Too Hot To Handle, is only 21 years of age!

Pettus came into the media limelight earlier this month when the cast for the sixth season of the popular American reality TV show Too Hot To Handle was announced on July 2.

She and Jordan Frank, a fellow cast member, are the two youngest members in the current season, at 21 years old.

Pettus is the only member in the entire cast this season who is yet to graduate college yet! By that same logic, her fellow 21-year-old Frank should still be in college as well, but he appears to be a musician by profession outside of the show.

Gianna Pettus may still be young, but she had a vibrant life before entering reality TV!

Gianna Pettus has already had quite a life so far! Before she joined the cast of Too Hot To Handle Season 6, Pettus was into modeling, represented by Luxe Model Management.

She is also a dancer, having received several accolades for it, including the award for the 5th Act Overall in the 15-19 ‘Top Elite Solo’ age category of the St. Louis, Missouri leg of the Kids Artistic Revue dance competition.

Pettus also has a philanthropic side to her. In 2016, she participated in a fundraising contest for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with the student council of her middle school, North County Middle School, in St. Louis, Missouri.

She has garnered a significant following on her Instagram as well, with her account @giannapettus having 17.1k followers (as of 7 July 2024). She also has a YouTube account, @giannapettus, with 320 followers and one uploaded video, which has 1.5k views.

Apart from her main Instagram account, Pettus also owns @giannapettuscloset, which has 970 followers. This account appears to be a thrift shop she runs to resell her old clothes and other possessions, such as phone cases, at lower prices.

Based on her active VSCO account, Pettus also seems interested in photography and photo editing. She posts pictures of herself, her friends, and her family on @gianna-pettus.

Gianna Pettus already seems to have achieved a lot at the young age of 21. It will certainly be interesting to see what turn her life takes as she enters the world of show business.

Additional Information

  1. Pettus originally hails from Arkansas but spent a large chunk of her childhood at her grandmother’s farm in St. Louis, Missouri.
  2. She is currently studying at the University of Arkansas, Arkansas, though it is unclear what degree she is pursuing. According to her Instagram bio, she is a “key lime pie enthusiast.”
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