After enduring a traumatic upbringing, Liz Murray and James Scalon now share the thick and thin of life together!

James and Liz support and encourage each other, chase their own dreams, all while making their bond stronger.


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Both James Scalon and his wife, Liz Murray, had personal struggles in their childhood; James fought cancer during his childhood, and Liz had a very traumatic childhood. However, strength played a crucial role in their relationship.

James Scalon and Liz Murray met for the first time in college, and their passion for reading novels about social justice issues brought them together.

They eventually got married on May 20, 2012, and after 12 years of marriage, the two are blessed with two children—a son, Liam, and a daughter, Maya.

The love story of James Scalon and Liz Murray gives everyone a glimpse of people’s dream of having a wife who equally loves and supports them through the thick and thin of life.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

IMDb Biography Drama

Based on a true story. Liz Murray is a young girl who is taken care of by her loving but drug-addicted parents. Liz becomes homeless at 15, and after a tragedy comes upon her, she begins her work to finish high school.

DirectorPeter Levin
Release DateApril 7, 2003
StudioBarnet Bain Films, Metafilmics, Patriarch Pictures, Inc.
CastThora Birch, Michael Riley, Robert Bockstael
WritersRonni Kern
Runtime1 hour 44 minutes

From Homeless to Harvard, Liz Murry is an example of the importance of dreaming big!

Liz Murray, who had to face drug-addicted parents, hunger, and homelessness during her childhood, was able to turn things around and get herself into prestigious Harvard University.

With the support of good role models and mentors, Liz Murray completed high school in two years, achieving the top position in a class of 158 students.

All this time, she slept in parks and subway stations in New York City. For needy students, the New York Times granted her a full scholarship to study at Harvard University.

Liz then chose to transfer from Harvard to Columbia in 2003. She completed her studies in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Furthermore, James and Liz are both enthusiasts of philanthropic activities. They positively influence society by charity, contributing to cancer research, and fighting against homelessness.

She will pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology through the graduate course offered at Harvard Summer School to become a counselor.

Moreover, since 1999, she has inspired audiences as a speaker associated with the Washington Speaker.

Additional Information

  • Liz Murray, 43, was born on September 23, 1980, as Elizabeth Murray in the Bronx, New York City, U.S. She became homeless just after she turned 15 when her mother died of AIDS in 1998.
  • In 2009, she told her story at Worcester Technical High School to 1400 students and gave a TED Talk called “For the Love of Possibility” in 2012.
  • Liz was a co-producer in Lifetime’s television film Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (2003).
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