The Worst Roommate Ever, Jamison Bachman, went from being a successful student to a serial squatter!

Jamison Bachman manipulated and victimized seven individuals using his legal expertise.


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The Netflix true crime docuseries Worst Roommate Ever explores the disturbing stories of Jamison Bachman, who exploits his legal knowledge to terrorize the roommates, which escalates to violence.

Jamison Bachman, known as a serial squatter, would move in with people under friendly pretenses but use his legal background to avoid paying the rent with different roommates along the East Coast for over a decade.

His troubled path started after failing the bar exam despite his academic success. Later, he became skilled at convincing landlords to let him stay rent-free, often using legal terms to manipulate the situation.

Furthermore, his fraud inflicted severe distress on seven victims. From financial exploitation to violent acts, his deception escalated to the point of stabbing one roommate.

After posting bail following an assault arrest, Jamison’s brother Harry tragically became another victim when Jamison slaughtered him in 2017. Moreover, Jamison later took his own life while in prison for the homicide.

Worst Roommate Ever

IMDb DocumentaryCrime Thriller

When Alex Miller let Jed Creek rent her room via Craigslist, she had no idea that he was a notorious serial squatter and that he would slowly use his knowledge of tenancy laws to kick her out of her own home.

DirectorDomini Hofmann
Release DateMarch 1, 2022
StudioBlumhouse Television
CastAlex Miller, Susan Miller, Arleen Hairbaedian
Runtime47 minutes
WritersDomini Hofmann

Jamison Bachman’s longest stay was with Arleen Hairabedian, with whom he was romantically involved

In 2005, Arleen Hairabedian, a 43-year-old professional dog walker from Queens, found Jamison handsome, educated, and fun to be with.

From being friends, their relationship progressed and eventually evolved into intimacy. During the time, Jamison was three or four months into teaching, waiting to be dean of the private school.

However, he failed to secure the position; he became enraged and turned violent toward Arleen.

Nevertheless, after losing his teaching job weeks later, homeless Jamison called Arleen for help.

In June 2006, Jamison moved in with Arleen at her father, Peter’s place. Initially promising a two-month stay, he remained there for four years, paying rent only once.

In October 2010, as Arleen realized she was trapped with Jamison refusing to leave, tensions erupted over bills, leading to a physical conflict where Jamison grabbed her throat in response to being slapped by Arleen.

Consequently, both obtained restraining orders mandating a 100-yard distance between them. Arleen eventually took legal action to evict him in November.

In retaliation, Jamison falsely accused Arleen of attacking him with a knife, resulting in her arrest. He subsequently banned her from her own home, gaining full control of the property.

But she is not the only one who became a victim of Jamison Bachman’s planned conspiracy. Besides her, Jamison Bachman exploited six other individuals, and the story is not entirely explored in the series Worst Roommate Ever.

Additional Information

  • Worst Roommate Ever, which premiered on 1st March 2022, features four unsettling true stories.
  • Netflix renewed the docuseries for a second season, returning on June 26 with four new episodes.
  • The series leaves out important details about Jamison Bachman, such as his traumatic experience witnessing the murder of his close friends.
  • Arleen Hairabedian was born on August 6, 1962, and is currently 61 years old. She continues to rebuild her credit and focus on her well-being after the traumatic experience.
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