Owning Manhattan star Jonathan Normolle, 27, began his modeling career at the young age of 16!

Ryan Serhant saw something in Jonathan that he also saw in himself, but later called him his biggest disappointment.


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Not only is Owning Manhattan bad boy Jonathan Normolle, 27, one of the top real estate agents in New York, but he is also an international model who started modeling at the young age of 16.

Since then, he has established a thriving and prominent network in the fashion world that helps him even with the real estate business.

With his innate talent for marketing, Jonathan Normolle even made it to Forbes 30 Under 30 and secured over $100 million within his first year in the real estate business.

But, this time around, the model/real estate agent Jonathan Normolle is getting global attention after Ryan Serhant sensationally fired him on the roof deck of The Edge in Manhattan in the last episode of Owning Manhattan.

Jonathan Normolle says the firing was all according to his plan to get out of SERHANT. Company contract!

Following the release of the show Owning Manhattan, the Danish New Yorker, Jonathan Normolle, came forward and made claims about his firing by Ryan Serhant.

According to DailyMail.com, Jonathan, 27, said that he planned for Ryan to fire him intentionally to get out of his contract with the company.

He orchestrated all that drama just so he could create his own business and no longer needed the brand.

He said, “I had a plan because I was under contract with Ryan and all the sponsorships.” Jonathan Normolle further claimed that he found out that the show had cast fake agents.

Jonathan went on to claim that Ryan had reached out to him again three times. However, netizens are not buying his story as one wrote, “Ryan doesn’t need him back, he’s got plenty of great agents working for him all over the country.”

Furthermore, after hearing his claims, many are calling him full of himself, arrogant, and unprofessional.

Now, the model/realtor has his own team of seven agents at Highline Residential, which he calls ‘Jonathan Normolle’s Next Gen Team.’

Besides this, his modeling career is also going smoothly, as Elite Models represents him. Furthermore, he has done cover shots for magazines like Prestige, Gmaro, Volant, etc.

Furthermore, the publicity from the Netflix show is doing him a favor, as Jonathan’s Instagram now has over 400,000 followers.

Additional Information

  • The ‘Owning Manhattan’ bad boy realtor Jonathan Normolle married his wife Devon Normolle in September 2023. She currently works at Rag & Bone as an assistant account executive.
  • Given his successful modeling and real estate career, Jonathan Normolle has an estimated net worth of $9 million.
  • According to official sources, his estimated salary was between $95,000 and $172,000 per annum when he was at SERHANT.
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