Judy Trammell, a former cheerleader, has now amassed a net worth of $1.6 million as a head choreographer!

Even after serving as a group leader of the squad, Judy Trammell aspired to do more.


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American Sweetheart: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader former member Judy Trammell earned most of her net worth from her work as the squad’s head choreographer.

Even though she never revealed the exact figure with no other official reports, sources claim Judy Trammell estimated net worth is $1.6 million.

In addition, along with the head choreography of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, she has also worked for many nationally televised programs as a choreographer.

She has worked with many celebrities like Jerry Lewis, Toby Keith, Phil Donahue, Montel William, Reba McEntire, and many more contributing to music videos, high school musicals, and beauty pageants in the Dallas area.

America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

IMDb Documentary

Follows the 2023-24 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad their auditions and training camp and finally the ending of the Cowboys season predictably ended in the NFC Wild Card Round.

CreatorGreg Whiteley
Release DateJune 20, 2024
StudioOne Potato Productions, Boardwalk Pictures
CastKelli Finglass, Judy Trammell, Victoria Kalina
WritersGreg Whiteley 
Runtime45 minutes

Judy Trammell went from cheering the team on to a significant role in the franchise!

American Sweetheart Judy Trammell trained in tap, drill team, pom, and jazz dance during high school at R.L. Turner High School in Dallas. It wasn’t until the ’80s that she joined the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

She was a group leader and show group member for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from 1980 to 1984.

After her cheerleading tenure ended, Judy became the assistant choreographer of the squad in 1984.

Likewise, in 1991, she was promoted to the head choreographer of the squad, a position she still holds today. As a head choreographer, she directly influences the team’s performance and routines.

Similarly, she appeared in an American reality TV series, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. It showcased the audition process and formation of the annual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader squad.

Recently, she has appeared in the seven-episode series American Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The series explores her and other cheerleaders’ flashy and glamorous lives.

Additional Information

  • Judy Tharp Trammell was born on April 29, 1958, making her 66 years old as of 2024. She was born in Dallas, Texas, the United States, and currently resides in Garland, Texas.
  • She married Dick Trammell in 1978 and has three children Cassie Trammell, Taylor Trammell, and Blair Trammell.
  • Judy is the second former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to join the organization in an administrative position after Director Kelli Finglass.
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