The botched plastic surgery of Kelly Bensimon is equally popular, as is her reality show career!

Kelly has faced various negative comments because of her unnatural plastic surgery.


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In 2008, former Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon was attacked by the media for flaunting her badly misshapen breasts due to plastic surgery without any hesitation. Since then, her botched surgery became equally famous as her Hollywood career.

Years ago, she confessed to the public that she indeed got breast implants. Despite the hateful comments from people about her botched surgery, she doesn’t appear to have undergone reconstructive surgery.

At the age of 40, Kelly posed for Playboy magazine with her alleged botched-up breast job. People immediately noticed and said her breasts looked unnatural. Regardless, she wanted to pose again, saying, “I am 49 and I did the cover 10 years ago. So I feel like I look better now.

Kelly didn’t have a positive experience with Botox, just like with her breast implants!

A few of Kelly Bensimon’s statements show her mixed feelings about cosmetic procedures. She has been vocal that she had undergone botox, which is not a major facial surgery.

However, she revealed she was not happy with the surgery results, saying, “I wasn’t thrilled with Botox.

Other than Botox and breast implant, there is no confirmation that she underwent other cosmetic procedures.

Moreover, she revealed she has psoriasis, which affects her aging. So, she did inMode’s Morpheus8 treatments to tighten her jawline and neck, making her look more youthful.

Further, people have noticed changes in specific parts like her brow line, checks, and jawline. They suggest Kelly has had plastic surgery, particularly fillers in her cheeks and possible jawline work.

Moreover, people expressed that any procedure that she has undergone has altered her appearance negatively. Nevertheless, many believe the changes in her appearance are due to her natural aging.

I’m proud of every wrinkle I have,” she said, which indicates a sense of acceptance and pride in her natural aging process.

Furthermore, rather than relying on plastic surgery to maintain a youthful appearance, Kelly Bensimon values natural aging and appearance.

Additional Information

  • Kelly Jean Killoren Bensimon, commonly known as Kelly Bensimon, was born on May 1, 1968, in Rockford, Illinois, United States.
  • She is an American real estate agent, author, former Editor of Elle Accessories, and a former model. She has appeared in different television shows, including ‘Odd Mom Out,’ and television life, Million Dollar Matchmaker.
  • On March 5, 2009, authorities arrested Kelly Bensimon on allegations of domestic violence and assault against her ex-boyfriend.
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