Nile Fitch appears as Gwen’s boyfriend, Cole Carson, in That ’90s Show, sparking a fresh love story in the series!

With the new season, viewers can expect the beginning of a new love story featuring Nile Fitch's character.


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The second season of That 90’s show brings a surprising new romance between Gwen Runck, portrayed by Ashley Aufderheide, and her boyfriend, Cole Carson, portrayed by Niles Fitch.

In this episode, titled ‘Just a Friend,’ it was revealed that Gwen was hooking up with Cole, a preppy Abomi employee. Despite her initial hesitation, Gwen eventually develops feelings for Cole.

In the show, Cole isn’t the person Gwen or anyone else imagined her to be with. Still, she became more invested in the relationship than she expected.

Meanwhile, off-screen, Ashley told the US Magazine that she enjoyed exploring her first on-screen romance thanks to Nile. She gushed, “He’s awesome. So professional, so talented.

That ’90s Show

IMDb Drama Comedy Romance

Now it’s 1995, and Leia Forman is visiting her grandparents for the summer. She bonds with a new generation of Point Place, WI, kids under Kitty’s watchful eye and Red’s stern glare.

DirectorGregg Mettler, Bonnie Turner, Lindsey Turner
Release DateJanuary 19, 2023
StudioThe Carsey-Werner Company, Ratamacue
CastKurtwood Smith, Debra Jo Rupp, Callie Haverda
Runtime30 minutes
WritersBonnie Turner, Gregg Mettler, Terry Tuner

Initially, Gwen Runck struggled and hesitated about dating Cole Carson

In episode four of season two, titled ‘Hold My Hand,’ Gwen introduces Cole to her friends but denies that he is her boyfriend.

When Leia, Gwen’s best friend, calls Cole her boyfriend, Gwen gets upset. She worries that Cole might want a serious relationship, which she isn’t ready for, despite her feelings for him.

After Gwen ends things, Cole shows up at her house. Leia is present there and tells Cole that Gwen is simply nervous. In response, Cole confesses he’s nervous, too, but believes Gwen is worth the risk.

Hiding behind the curtains, Gwen steps out and converses with Cole, leading to their patch-up and kiss.

In the finale episode, Cole announces that he is heading off to college after they finally get together. This prompted Gwen to reject him entirely so that she would not have to make any painful goodbyes.

However, after a touching conversation with her friend, Ozzie, she decides to spend one last night with Cole before he leaves.

Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether the couple will attempt a long-distance relationship, but the development of these eight episodes suggests that Cole might return in the future.

Additional Information

  • That ’90s Show, the American teen sitcom, serves as the sequel to That ’70s Show.
  • Netflix released the first eight episodes of Season 2 on June 27, 2024, with the remaining eight set to drop on October 24, 2024.
  • During its debut week, That ’90s Show ranked number five on Netflix’s Top 10 TV English titles just three days after its release.
  • Nile Fitch’s first appearance as Cole Carson is in the episode Just a Friend.
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