Sasha DiGiulian remains unregretful and committed to professional climbing despite multiple accidents!

Sasha DiGiulian has achieved over 30 First Female Ascents and more than a dozen significant First Ascents in her climbing career.


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With the premiere of Here to Climb, Virginia-born professional climber Sasha DiGiulian has been the topic of discussion for her perseverance despite undergoing five surgeries in nine months due to an accident.

Like everyone else, the three-time national champion and two-time world champion Sasha DiGiulian also had a rough time in 2020.

The pandemic challenged her as well, but in addition to that, she also suffered from massive health complications. A doctor’s visit revealed she had hip dysplasia and needed 5 surgeries for the treatment.

Additionally, she also had a broken back, an AC joint sprain in her shoulder, a lateral collateral ligament tear, and a ruptured ligament in her hand.

Here To Climb

IMDb Documentary

Professional climber Sasha DiGiulian rising from child prodigy to a champion sport climber, as she ultimately makes her mark by taking her talents to the biggest walls on the planet with a series of bold, first female ascents.

DirectorRicki Stern, Anne Sundberg
Release DateJune 18, 2024
StudioRed Bull Media House 
CastSasha DiGiulian
Runtime1 hour 19 minutes

Time off from climbing became a blessing, fostering Sasha’s appreciation for her body and deepening her sense of purpose!

At just 6 years old, Sasha found her passion for climbing at her brother’s birthday party in a rock climbing gym. Chasing her dreams since a young age, Sasha is now a world champion rock climber.

However, several health setbacks that required surgeries sidelined her from climbing for about 10 months.

Despite being a dark time for her, with multiple doctors suggesting it might end her professional career, Sasha did not feel regret. Instead, she gained a stronger sense of purpose and perspective.

In an interview for DailyMail, Sasha states, “…intense realization for me to take care of it and to fuel it properly, and to lean into what I can control. So I think that injury really did bring me a stronger sense of purpose and perspective.”

However, after her surgeries, she found that she was not as flexible as she used to be, which had been one of her advantages in climbing.

Taking time off from climbing enabled Sasha to make progress in other areas of her career, such as writing a book, Take the Lead, which was released on September 26, 2023.

Yet, with all those difficulties, she is still committed as a professional climber and focuses on her bright future.

Additional Information

  • Sasha competed as a figure skater before she found her passion for climbing.
  • Born to parents Andrea and John Anthony DiGiulian, the Gold medalist Sasha DiGiulian exchanged vows with her filmmaker husband, Erik Osterholm, who she met while filming a climb on Mount Washington for a 2017 Red Bull documentary series.
  • The professional rock climber Sasha has an estimated net worth of around $4-6 million.
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