The Boys, Sister Sage performed a casual lobotomy on herself, leaving many viewers confused!

The bloody lobotomy tool on the table in The Boys S4 episode 3 sparked different theories.


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Season 4 of The Boys introduced Sister Sage, a new supes with a high intellect played by Susan Heyward. One scene in Episode 3 is particularly mind-boggling as Sister Sage happened to perform a lobotomy on herself in it.

The scene opens with Sage lying on the couch, watching TV, when The Deep enters to confront her. Later, Sage starts flirting with The Deep, and things get physical.

Then, a bloody lobotomy tool appears on the table. Although it was confusing for many, some fans provided insights into this scene.

So, Sister Sage lobotomized herself to escape the burden of her vast knowledge and the psychological impact of dealing with Homelander.

By doing so, she temporarily shuts off parts of her brain. However, the moderate healing abilities of Sister Sage should help her recover from what happened to her brain shortly.

The Boys

IMDb Action Comedy Crime

A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

DirectorEric Kripke
Release DateJuly 26, 2019
StudioAmazon MGM Studios, Sony Pictures Television
CastKarl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr
WritersEric Kripke, Ellie Monahan, Rebecca Sonnenshine
Runtime1 hour

Unlike many of the other characters in The Boys, Sister Sage was not in the original comics

Sister Sage is a new character that appears when Homelander is hunting for a new member of The Seven. Her power is her exceptional intellect, making her the smartest person on Earth.

Moreover, she is a strategic genius who prefers to be called Sage, but Vought added the Sister to her name. However, her actual name in the show is Jessica Bradley.

Meanwhile, she was created for the TV series; she was not in the original comics of The Boys. People were curious why he wanted to bring a character with Sage abilities in to mix.

The show’s creators said it’s an interesting power often seen in superhero stories. They also wanted to include a Black woman from a low-income background.

He continued, “We’ve always said one of Homelander’s biggest problems is idiots surround him. Therefore, if you could bring in someone who’s a tactical genius, that would make Homelander much more dangerous.”

Sister Sage assists Homelander in his mission to leave a legacy for his son and mold the world in his vision. She becomes a part of The Seven to guide him to become a savior.

Sister Sage agrees to help Homelander gain more power, but she doesn’t seem to share his views on Supe’s superiority.

Additionally, Sister Sage’s ulterior motives are mysterious, making her a potential complication for both The Boys and Homelander.

Additional Information

  • On August 1st, 2022, The Boys’s Instagram announced Susan Heyward as Sister Sage.
  • Season 4 introduces multiple new heroes, including Firecracker, Siste Sage, Tek Knight, Laddio, Webweaver, and Splinter.
  • The Boys is based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, who are of the same name.
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