The Apprentice movie filming location ranges from Ontario, Canada, to New York, USA!


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The new Sebastian Stan movie, The Apprentice, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival on May 20, has become a center of controversy after filming the rise of Donald Trump building his business empire in New York City.

In the movie, Sebastian plays the role of young Donald Trump alongside Jeremy Strong, who plays Roy Cohn. Moreover, actress Maria Bakalova appears in the movie as Ivana Trump.

While the movie synopsis is yet to come, The Apprentice is set in the ’70s and ’80s and filmed in urban locations like New York City, Toronto, and Uxbridge, as per IMDb.

The Apprentice

IMDb Biography Drama History

The story of how a young Donald Trump started his real estate business in 1970s and 80s New York with the helping hand of infamous lawyer Roy Cohn.

DirectorAli Abbasi
Release DateMay 2024
StudioApprentice Productions Ontario Inc
CastSebastian Stan, Jeremy Strong, Maria Bakalova
WritersGabriel Sherman
Runtime2 hours

Controversial The Apprentice movie, primarily filmed in Ontario, Canada

Directed by Ali Abbasi, The Apprentice movie began filming in November 2023. Only when they were at the N.Y.C. shooting location did people get the first look at Sebastian transformed into Donald Trump.

According to People magazine, the actor donned Trump’s signature look: a suit, tie, long black coat, and blonde wig.

By early January 2024, they had completed filming and went into post-production. According to IMDb, the filming location of the movie The Apprentice is primarily in Ontario, Canada.

Also, they supposedly filmed at 2 Wellesley Place, Toronto, and Scottish Rite, 4 Queen Street South, Hamilton. Given the movie production company based in Ontario, it makes sense they filmed most of the scenes there.

Moreover, as movie stills of The Apprentice aren’t available, little information is available to delve deeper into its filming locations.

Additional Information

  • Film critics praised ‘The Apprentice’ and even gave an eight-minute long standing ovation for Sebastian Stan’s acting.
  • However, the film is also gathering controversy for some disturbing scenes involving Donald Trump with his ex-wife, Ivana.
  • Albeit Trump himself has yet to comment on the film, his team threatened legal action against the film.
  • The movie’s official release date remains undetermined, but sources claim it may be released before the November 5 presidential election.
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