Venom 3 plot leak brings younger Spider-Man, but not as an enemy in the last dance!


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Recently, the Venom 3 plot leak went viral online, where Sony Pictures finally brought Spider-Man into the Venomverse but not for an ultimate showdown.

While there is no way to verify whether the leaked plot is legit, it has already upset many fans.

The fans were eagerly waiting for Spider-Man vs. Venom in the supposedly final installment of Venom: The Last Dance.

SONY/MARVEL “VENOM 3 THE LAST DANCE” – Supposed movie plot
byu/elrincondistroyer inLeaksAndRumors

To their disappointment, Sony did bring Peter Parker, but it was a young 10-year-old one with no power, as per the leaks.

Furthermore, given the nature of the story, fans came up with a new name for the movie.

If allowed, fans would name the film, ‘Venom: The Lethal Protector’ instead of ‘The Last Dance!’

On May 24, 2024, YouTuber Cris Parker posted an 11-minute video on his channel revealing the Venom 3 plot.

In it, he explored the leaked plot he claims he got secretly from a fan who participated in a movie survey.

As per the Venom 3 plot leak, Venom learns about Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, who is destined to kill both the symbiote and Eddie Brock from the Multiversal Hivemind.

In an attempt to rewrite destiny, Venom convinces Eddie to hunt down Peter in their universe. But they find out Peter Parker is 10 years old at the time in their universe.

After that, they kidnap young Peter, but Eddie begins to hesitate to finish him off as Peter develops a severe allergic reaction to normal Spiders that Venom exposed him to. Instead, Eddie takes young Peter to the hospital while pretending to be his father.

It further reveals that Eddie’s symbiote grows apart with his host body. Eddie realizes that the storm is brewing near the horizon with the appearance of a new symbiote, Toxin, who has vowed to destroy all “monsters,” meaning Venom and young Peter.

Toxin is an offspring of the ferocious Carnage, who merges with Detective Peter Mulligan. He spawns more symbiotes that threaten to destroy the entire San Francisco city, including one that merges with army Lieutenant Patricia, who develops a love interest with Eddie.

Meanwhile, another heavily armed group, ‘The Jury,’ wants to wipe the symbiotes out. It is led by Orwell Taylor, who lost his oldest son to Carnage in an attempt to escape prison.

So, the story will focus on Eddie and his ‘Lethal Protection‘ for Peter and the city of San Francisco from all threats that want them gone.

Additional Information

  • According to the official announcement, Venom 3 will be released on October 25, 2024. However, there is no official trailer or teaser for the upcoming film yet.
  • Although not confirmed, ‘Venom: The Last Dance’ might be Tom Hardy’s final outing as Eddie Brock.
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