Whistledown once wrote about Eloise Bridgerton to save her from the Queen’s threats!


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As Season 3 of Bridgerton picked up right from where Season 2 ended two years ago, many are unsure why Penelope and Eloise Bridgerton aren’t friends anymore. But don’t worry, we got you!

In the last season, Penelope Featherington, who goes by the pen name Lady Whistledown, wrote a scandalous story about Eloise’s secret friendship with Theo Sharpe.

While Lady Whistledown had her befitting reasons to write about her best friend’s secret, it ruined the reputation of Eloise.

When Eloise learned Lady Whistledown was none other than Penelope, she felt betrayed by her best friend. After that, one of the best friendships in Bridgerton came down crashing at the end of season 2.


IMDb Drama Romance

The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society.

CreatorChris Van Dusen
Release DateDecember 25, 2020
StudioShondaland CVD Productions
CastNicola Coughlan, Claudia Jessie, Luke Newton
WritersJulia Quinn
Runtime1 hour

Lady Whistledown saved Eloise from the Queen but failed to save their friendship!

In Bridgerton Season 2, Eloise is hellbent on unveiling the mysterious identity of Lady Whistledown. After learning about her quest, the Queen summons and encourages her to do it fast.

With her impressive investigation talents, Eloise eventually tracks down the printing press by analyzing the paper. She dares to visit the press, where she meets Theo Sharpe, the assistant printer.

They get along, and their friendship starts to blossom more, given their shared principles about social reform.

Despite knowing the disparity between their class, Eloise does not stop. Penelope even warns Eloise how scandalous it can get if others find it out.

Being free-spirited, she regularly meets Theo and eventually halts her quest to Lady Whistledown.

It, in turn, makes the Queen suspicious about Eloise being the Lady Whistledown all this time as she realizes there is nothing bad about Eloise in the papers.

After learning about the Queen suspecting Eloise as Lady Whistledown, Penelope decides to write about Eloise and her friendship with Theo to put an end to the Queen’s suspicion.

It manages to pull Eloise out of suspicion, but the news ruins her reputation in the eyes of good society. She even loses her marriage prospects as everyone learns about her involvement with a peasant.

Later, Eloise finds out her best friend Penelope is the Lady Whistledown who ruined her image. The heartbreaking revelation makes Eloise feel betrayed.

With that, the friendship between Penelope and Eloise came to an end. And now, season 3 picks it up from where it left off, and in the first episode, Eloise completely ignores Penelope.

Penelope, aka Lady Whistledown, did not seem to have any ill intent as she said, “I could never ruin my friend,” talking to Madame Delacroix. However, her ultimate resort to save Eloise scarred their friendship.

Additional Information

  • The rest of Bridgerton season 3, part 2, will be released on June 13 on Netflix, marking the end of this season with a total of 8 episodes.
  • Season 3 of Bridgerton entirely focuses on the romance between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton.
  • Daphne Bridgerton is nowhere to be seen in the third installment of the show Bridgerton.
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