Cameron Crovetti revealed his high-pitched voice is due to puberty!

Camron Corvetti did not intentionally sound the way he did in the show; instead, it was his natural sound due to puberty.


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In the latest ongoing satirical superhero television series, The Boys, everyone noticed a change in the voice of Cameron Crovetti, to which the child actor responded it was because of puberty.

Born on March 12, 2008, actor Cameron Crovetti, currently 16, says, “Puberty was mean to me.” So, he blames his growing age for his fluctuating voice in the show.

While many thought his voice crack completely suited his role in the show, others complained that it ruined scenes.

the boys show poster starring Cameron Crovetti

The Boys

IMDb Action Comedy Crime

A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

CreatorEric Kripke
Release DateJuly 26, 2019
StudioAmazon MGM Studios, Sony Pictures Television
CastKarl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr
WritersEric Kripke, Ellie Monahan, Rebecca Sonnenshine
Runtime1 Hour

Actor Cameron Crovetti was mostly 14 during the season 4 of The Boys filming

On August 22, 2022, Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys, took to Twitter to announce the start of production.

Then, on April 12, 2023, Kripke announced that they had completed filming for season 4 of The Boys.

Cameron Crovetti was 14 years old at the time of the filming. So, it makes sense that he underwent puberty, which resulted in a squeaky voice.

After The Boys topped the top 10 list in the US, Crovetti took to his TikTok and uploaded a video. In the comment section, one fan wrote, “Bro, your voice had me crying.” Puberty was mean to me,Crovetti replied.

@cameroncrovetti LET'S GO!!! 🦅🦅🔥🔥🔥 #homelander #homelandersson #theboys #foryou #greenscreen ♬ GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINESSS – aero_foxtrotlima

Due to the cracking voice, The Boys’ fandom remains divided. Some claim it was normal and did not notice until others pointed it out, while others say he ruined it.

In addition, before the actor made it clear it was puberty, many fans speculated that the production team had something to do with his voice for some plot reason.

However, his excellent performance outweighs the negative criticisms of his voice. Many fans are also defending the actor and bashing those who made a big deal out of Cameron Crovetti’s cracking voice, saying he is a kid going through puberty.

Additional Information

  • Cameron Crovetti was born to his parents, Bradley Cramp and actress Denise Crovetti. He has two younger siblings: Isabella and Nicholas Crovetti.
  • He plays the role of Ryan Butcher, son of Homelander in ‘The Boys.’
  • In a Twitter post, show creator Kripke announced that The Boys season 5 will be the series finale.
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