From creative beginnings to career triumphs, Cleopatra Coleman credits her support system, her parents, for her success

Having parents with artistic backgrounds helped Cleopatra Coleman explore the world of art early in her life.


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An ambitious and versatile actress, Cleopatra Coleman was raised by hippie parents with a deep appreciation for art, which profoundly shaped her career and creativity.

She was born into an interesting mix of culture and heritage. Cleopatra’s mother, Turquoise Coleman, has Jamaican roots, while her father, Mick Coleman, is Australian and has Scottish ancestry.

Moreover, both her artistic parents supported Cleopatra’s ambitions to act and dance and influenced her early exposure to art and film.

In one video, Cleopatra said, “I’m super grateful that I have there’s an amazing, creative expansive thinker for parents

Moreover, she describes her father as a hippie anarchist and a movie lover who exposed her to various film genres and styles.

Likewise, her fashion graduate mother works as a holistic beautician and energy healer. Additionally, like her daughter, she is also a former dancer.


IMDb Short Comedy Mystery

Ralph just wants to get to work. But something has gone wrong. His everyday train journey seems to have taken a detour into somebody else’s reality, where nothing is as it seems, and every step he takes to extricate himself just leads further into the maze.

DirectorCleopatra Coleman, Mick Coleman
Release Date2012
CastRob Alec, Mahalia Brown, Cleopatra Coleman
WritersCleopatra Coleman, Mick Coleman
Runtime15 minute

Even after parting romantically, Cleopatra’s parents prioritized their daughter’s career without compromise!

Cleopatra Coleman parents met in Los Angeles. Although there is no exact detail on how they met, they later relocated to Australia and expanded their family with Cleopatra.

Meanwhile, Cleaopatra’s first experience of performance was clambering to the front during a belly dance class that her mother led. Her mother taught her ballet and modern dance.

Likewise, her acting debut was at age 7 in one of her father’s short films, Trains. It was her first onscreen role before she began pursuing acting full-time years later.

She was born in Bryon Bay, Australia. Although she loved it there, her irresistible calling to act led her to persuade her parents to leave the place.

Cleopatra said, “I’m very, very blessed to grow up in such an open, creative community where it’s not weird to want to be an artist. But it’s also a small town, and so ambition doesn’t go with that.

Although her parents were already separated, Cleopatra Coleman moved to Melbourne with them. To support her career, they all lived together at first. Later, there she landed a TV series called Silversun.

She quickly landed more and more roles. However, being a mixed-race actress in the Australian industry, she found herself offered limited jobs. Nevertheless, Cleopatra is proud of her mixed heritage and ethnicity.

Whether in hard times or good times, her parents supported her; they always had her back. So, it no wonder Cleopatra considers her parents to be among her best gifts.

So, being born into an intense, creative-energy household with this unwavering support has made everything possible for her career.

Additional Information

  • Cleopatra Coleman began her artistic career at the age of 15.
  • She is famous for her role as Erica in the comedy series ‘The Last Man on Earth’ and ‘Rya’ in the Netflix sci-fi thriller In the Shadow of the Moon.
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