Davida McKenzie, an emerging star, shines brightly as Ruth in ‘The Speedway Murders’ at a young age!

Davida McKenzie was reluctant to pursue acting when she was of young age.


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Age is nothing but a number to Davida McKenzie, as she has already accomplished Hollywood fame by appearing as Ruth in The Speedway Murders documentary at a young age.

Although McKenzie herself has not opened up about her exact date of birth, many online sources claim she was born in 2006, making her 17 years old.

In addition, some of her fans took to Twitter and wished her happy birthday on December 21. The fan tweeted, “Happy Birthday to Davida McKenzie! You are so amazing Davy, & such a good person! I watched Silent Night and you were so great..

The Speedway Murders

IMDb DocumentaryAnimationCrime

Follows the unsolved ‘Burger Chef Murders’ of 1978 that claimed the lives of four teenagers in Speedway, Indiana.

DirectorAdam Kamien, Luke Rynderman
Release DateJune 21, 2024
StudioSLA Films Pty Ltd
CastEssie Randles, Joseph Zada, Davida McKenzie
Runtime1 hour 41 minutes
WritersAdam Kamien, Luke Rynderman

Davida McKenzie comes from a renowned acting family where everyone is into acting!

Actress Davida McKenzie was born in New Zealand as the youngest child to her parents, Dame Miranda Harcourt and Stuart McKenzie.

She has two siblings: an older brother, Peter, and a sister, Thomasin. She is also the granddaughter of Dame Kate Harcourt and Peter Harcourt.

Like Davida, all the ladies in the McKenzie family are apparently actresses. Her mother, Dame Miranda Harcourt, is a renowned New Zealand actress and acting coach; her grandma is also an actress.

That’s not it! Her sister Thomasin, who is 7 years older than her, is also an actor who has appeared in movies and TV shows like Existence, Lost Girls, Life After Life, and more.

Furthermore, Davida’s father, Stuart, is also an award-winning director and playwright in New Zealand. So, it makes sense that she followed in her family’s footsteps. However, besides acting and modeling, Davida McKenzie is also a singer.

However, it appears Davida McKenzie did not want to pursue an acting career when she was of young age. That changed when she heard about a role in the 2021 film Silent Night, which became her debut movie.

Now, despite rising to fame as a teenager, she has maintained a private life, including keeping her Instagram account private.

Additional Information

  • The New Zealand actress has also appeared in ‘Turtle-Bank Hustler,’ ‘No Acting in it’ and ‘Bottle Money.’
  • She has a private Instagram account with over 1k followers and maintains a private lifestyle.
  • Furthermore, she has also voiced Young Junker Queen in a video game named ‘Overwatch.’
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