Natalie Simpson embraces her bi-racial roots with Nigerian and English parents!

Natalie Simpson remains tight lipped about her family identities for their own safety.


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The Outlander actress Natalie Simpson revealed in an interview that she has biracial parents: her father is English, and her mother is Nigerian.

Due to the racial ambiguity, Simpson says, “Growing up in Nigeria, I was referred to as an oyibo (white man), but here in England, I am referred to as black.”

However, apart from their origin, Natalie Simpson has kept her parents’ identities and details a secret.

Natalie Simpson’s parents sent her to Buckinghamshire, England, for school

The Trigger Point star Natalie Simpson was born in Nigeria to her parents and lived there for 24 years.

In an interview with Mixed Messages, she said, My mum is Igbo and my dad is from Farnham originally, so village types on both sides.”

Simpson recalled that her parents sent her to Buckinghamshire for school when she was 11, alongside her other siblings. However, she used to return back to Nigeria during every school break.

Before coming to England, the Ian Charleson Award-winning actress had a Nigerian accent, which later became English.

Although she had difficulties dealing with her bi-racial ethnicity growing up, especially in school, Simpson now says she embraces it and feels grateful that she has feet in both worlds.

Furthermore, she said, “It would probably easier if I came back looking like my dad but I love a challenge.”

Apart from that, there seems to be nothing online about Natalie Simpson’s parents or her personal life. Also, she seems to have deleted or deactivated all of her social handles, so there’s no picture of her parents.

Additional Information

  • Besides acting, Natalie Simpson is famous for narrating books like Queen Charlotte, Les Misérables, Seven Summers, etc.
  • In the upcoming horror movie ‘Blackwater Lane,’ Natalie Simpson plays DC Lawson. It will be released on June 20, 2024.
  • Although the actress and narrator Natalie Simpson has played big roles in several Hollywood projects, she does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page as of writing this article.
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