Although not related by blood, Jane Seymour and Dick Van Dyke are close, longtime friends!

Jane Seymour and Dick Van Dyke might share the same neighborhood given her talk of local grocery store incident.


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The 2018 movie Buttons, A New Musical Film co-stars Jane Seymour and Dick Van Dyke are longtime close friends but are not related to each other by blood.

Perhaps because Seymour and Van Dyke celebrated Halloween together last year, fans questioned if they were family. In addition, Seymour often takes to Instagram to wish the legendary actor on his birthday.

Having that said, they have no one common in their family tree for them to have familial ties.

Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic

IMDb Documentary Comedy Music

Friends, family, and colleagues of Dick Van Dyke gather to pay tribute to his career and celebrate his life and the wonderful gifts he’s shared over the decades.

DirectorRussell Norman
Release DateDecember 21, 2023
StudioWhite Label Productions
CastJason Alexander, Morey Amsterdam, Julie Andrews
Runtime1 hour 27 minutes
RatingTV Special

In Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic’ Jane Seymour recalled a funny memory of an iconic actor!

Dick Van Dyke was born Richard Wayne Van Dyke on December 13, 1925, to his parents, Loren and Hazel Van Dyke, in West Plains, Missouri. The iconic actor, 98, has one younger brother, Jerry Van Dyke.

He got married to Margie Willett in 1948 and they divorced in 1984. After that, in 2012, Dick Van Dyke tied the knot with his wife, Arlene Silver.

The American actor and comedian Dick Van Dyke has four children: Barry, Carrie Beth, Stacy and Christian Van Dyke.

On the other hand, Jane Seymour is a British actress born on February 15, 1951, to her parents, Mieke and John Benjamin Frankenberg, in Uxbridge, United Kingdom.

The former Bond girl, Seymour, 73, has two sisters, Sally Frankenberg and Annie Gould.

Though she does not have a husband now, she has been married and divorced four times. Actress Seymour has four kids: Jenny, Kristopher, Katie, Sean, and Johnny.

So, looking at the immediate family tree of these two iconic actors, there is nothing that entails Jane Seymour and Dick Van Dyke are related.

Nonetheless, they share a close friendship and are co-stars who appeared in Buttons, A New Musical Film.

During the 98th birthday special of Dick Van Dyke, Jane Seymour made an appearance. There she recalled Van Dyke turning her local grocery store into his stage.

Furthermore, these two longtime friends celebrated Halloween last year. Seymour took to her Insta and wrote a poem,

Ghosts and ghouls bid their adieu, 👻 ⁣⁣⁣⁣The fun and scares with Dick Van Dyke, Amy Manford, & William Joseph are now through, ⁣⁣⁣Halloween’s delight takes its flight, 🧹 ⁣⁣⁣Until next year, it’s time to vanish out of sight! 💨

Additional Information

  • Regarding Jane Seymour’s ethnicity, her father was a Jew from England, and her mother was a Dutch Protestant.
  • The actress Jane Seymour shares the same name with the late Queen of England, the third wife of King Henry VIII.
  • In a recent interview, Dick Van Dyke revealed he has no plans to retire despite his old age.
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