HBO’s documentary series, Ren Faire, chronicles the personal life of George Coulam and his plans after retirement!

The remaining parts of the Ren Faire docuseries will be available in June 9, 2024.


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On June 2, 2024, HBO’s three-part documentary series Ren Faire premiered, providing a dramatic tale of Texas Renaissance festival founder George Coulam’s hunt for a successor.

Though the two remaining parts have yet to air, the first part gives a glimpse of George Coulam’s personal life.

Furthermore, he is also searching for a companion to share his twilight years with while finding a successor.

Ren Faire docuseries poster with an image of George Coulam

Ren Faire

IMDb Documentary

When the ailing king of America’s largest renaissance festival declares his retirement, an epic power struggle ensues between an actor, a former elephant trainer, and a kettle-corn kingpin to claim his throne.

DirectorLance Oppenheim
Release DateJune 2, 2024
StudioElara Pictures
CastJeffrey Baldwin, George Coulam, Darla Smith
WritersMax Allman, Nicholas Nazmi, Lance Oppenheim
Runtime57 minutes

Though George Coulam now has several dating accounts, he was previously married to ex-wife Susie!

Born in 1938, George Coulam is now 86 years old and is the third of six children of a Mormon family. Also known as King George, he founded a multi-million-dollar kingdom, the Texas Renaissance Festival, in 1974.

According to George Coulam’s official website, he calls himself a sexually active caucasian male entrepreneur. He also mentioned his education there, including his master’s degree in art from the University of California at North Ridge.

Though his family roots were in Utah, Coulam came to Todd Mission, Texas, and established the Texas Renaissance Festival. He built his grand empire from the festival alone, with over 200 acres of land properties in Todd Mission.

Furthermore, various estimations value George Coulam’s net worth close to $100 million.

While George Coulam kept his personal details private, he was reportedly married to his ex-wife, Susie. She was a 28-year-old from Thailand and, like George, an art enthusiast as per Texas Monthly.

However, their marriage ended, though the reason for the divorce remains private. Moreover, in 2004, George Coulam handcrafted a tempting ad for finding a local bride in Houston Press. As of now, George Coulam has not married officially.

Instead, King George was accused of hiring assistants to set up and handle his profiles on Sugar Daddy’s websites. Moreover, the Ren Faire docuseries clearly portrays George as a sugar daddy as his assistant Victor claims his profiles on 15 different online dating sites.

Regardless, he wants to settle down with a lover and lead a normal life in his twilight years after handing over the business to a suitable successor.

George Coulam also predicted his demise. At the age of 95, he said he would travel to Switzerland and leave behind his earthly possessions. Until then, he wants to retire and ‘do art and chase ladies.’

Additional Information

  • Over half a million patrons attend the Texas Renaissance Festival annually, generating over $2 million in annual revenue.
  • America’s largest Renaissance Festival is an annual event starting in mid-October and lasts eight weeks.
  • While there is a docuseries based on George Coulam and his empire, he does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.
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