Producer Robert Shinn might be facing a financial downfall following the lawsuit filed against his company!

People accused Robert Shinn's company 7M Film of isolating its members from their family.


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In a recent year, Robert Shinn has constantly been scrutinized by the media as people accused him of creating a cult-like environment at his company, 7M Films.

After the COVID pandemic, Robert founded this 7M Films, a talent management company with the purpose to provide big platforms to social media dancers. Within a short time, the company found success, with its followers surpassing millions in count, earning him a huge amount.

But, in 2022, family members of the dancers of 7M came forward and claimed that the company has been excessively controlling their children and due to the reason, they are not been able to make contact to them.

Likewise, people have blamed Robert for physical assault as well as financial misconduct within the company, 7M Films, and the Shekinah Church. Robert allegedly used to employ young members to do several tasks and wouldn’t pay them a salary.

In this way, people believe that Robert Shinn has successfully collected millions in amounts, deceiving others.

However, Robert has denied all these allegations against him. Specifically addressing financial misconduct, he once said, “If anyone has performed any work without financial compensation, then they would have volunteered or offered to do so as most human beings volunteer or help others at some point in their lives.”

Whatever the circumstances, Robert Shinn has accumulated good money from his professional career!

Over the years, Robert Shinn has had a multifaceted career, seemingly serving his pocket in a well-manner.

Before delving into the media industry, Robert was a doctor. In 1994, he diverted his career path by founding the Shekinah Church, where he also served as a pastor.

According to multiple outlets, a pastor in the United States earns an average of $55,000 a year. If we consider this amount, Robert presumably has accumulated over $1 million in his two decades serving in the church as a pastor and founder, or maybe more than that.

Likewise, he produced a TV show, The Millionaires Club. Robert also invested his money in the movies such as Random Encounters and He’s Way More Famous Than You, from which he tasted success in little amount.

Further, he also earned a handsome amount establishing the company, 7M, until complaints were filed against it. So, we highly believe that Robert Shinn is a multimillionaire, and he appears to be living a luxurious lifestyle at his residence in Los Angeles.

At the same time, he may also be facing fluctuation in his net worth as Robert Shinn has gotten into a legal fight in recent years. As per People magazine, Robert ‘filed a case against his former church member claimed extortion and defamation.’

Additional Information

  • Netflix recently released the documentary Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult following the allegations made against Robert Shinn and his company.
  • Robert has a daughter named Kloe, with whom he also had a family business affair. But in 2022, Kloe released a statement informing the media that she is no longer in relations with her father, both personally and professionally.
  • Robert has another child named Isaiah Shinn, who is a professional video director.


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