Miranda Derrick parents, Kelly and Dean, made the promise not to talk about 7M to avoid losing her again!

Though Miranda once blocked all of her family members, she now follows them in socials and even attends his sister's wedding.


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After watching the Netflix documentary Dancing for the Devil, some fans find the posts of Miranda Derrick parents confusing.

In Kelly’s last Instagram post, uploaded on April 15, she is dancing with her two daughters, Miranda and Melanie. Moreover, both of her parents wished Miranda Derrick a happy birthday, and she replied in the respective posts.

As the documentary initially revealed, the Wilking family went live on Instagram in 2022 and said Miranda cut off all ties with her family. There, they revealed they had been blocked everywhere and couldn’t speak to her since January 2021.

However, it later explains that Miranda contacted her parents but stipulated that she wouldn’t be talking about Robert Shinn or 7M. That pretty much sums up everything about the Wilking family reunion, including the Instagram posts.

Dancing for the Devil poster with Miranda Derrick and Melanie Wilking

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult

IMDb Documentary Crime

TikTok dancers join a management firm tied to a church, uncovering disturbing truths about the founders’ sinister agenda.

DirectorDerek Doneen
Release DateMay 29, 2024
StudioNetflix production
CastMelanie Wilking, Kagga Jayson, Victoria Paige Watkins
Runtime1 Hour

Kelly and Dean Wilking made the promise not to talk about it to keep Miranda back in their life!

The TikTok star Miranda Derrick was born on February 24, 1997, to her parents, Dean and Kelly Wilking.

She has a younger sister, Melanie Wilking, who was born on April 12, 1999, and is also a talented dancer. So, the Wilking sisters are not twins but instead share a two-year age gap.

Dean Wilking is reportedly a teacher at Cousino Senior High School in Warren, MI. Meanwhile, Kelly Wilking, according to her Facebook, is a counselor at Warren Consolidated Schools.

The Wilking parents raised their daughters in Detroit and always supported their passion for dance. After graduating from high school, the Wilking sisters moved to Los Angeles to build a professional dancing career. With the brand Wilking Sisters, they managed to gather millions of followers.

After collaborating with James Derrick, Miranda became close with him, who was friends with Robert Shinn’s son, Isaiah. With that, Miranda drifted away while being more involved in the church and newfound company, 7M in 2021.

The distance between Miranda and Wilking’s family became so evident that she did not attend her grandma’s funeral or say anything about her engagement with James.

Then, in February 2022, Miranda Derrick’s parents and her sister took to Insta Live, stating they wanted her back, accusing the 7M company of controlling her.

However, Miranda told The Cut magazine, “I am not held against my will, and I’ve never been a hostage.

Miranda later reached out to her mother, Kelly, to meet. However, she had a condition: They wouldn’t talk about Robert Shinn or the 7M company. So, in the fear of losing their daughter again, they made the promise not to talk about it.

Furthermore, Miranda’s parents were hesitant to participate in the Dancing for the Devil documentary, as Glamour reported.

Additional Information

  • Following the viral Insta live from the Wilking family, pastor and founder of 7M Films, Robert Shinn, suggested that it would be better for his 7M members to be in contact with their families.
  • So, many believe that Miranda reconnected with her family following Shinn’s order.
  • Regardless, the Wilking family is happy to have their daughter back in their lives and does not want to risk it.
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