Owning Manhatten cast, Jade Shenker has an estimated net worth of $8 million as an esteemed real estate agent!

Jade grew her net worth through strategic investments and successful real estate deals.


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Jade Shenker, a key figure in NYC’s real estate scene featured on Netflix’s Owning Manhattan, has achieved substantial financial success and grown her net worth to $8 million as a top agent in the city.

She has managed over $650 million in luxury listings and almost a quarter billion more in active listings for SERHANT, founded by Ryan Serhant.

Since most of Jade Shenker’s work is commercial, the commissions she receives from them are usually 6%, making her net worth close to $8 million.

Shenker is known for her strategic insights and advisory role, particularly in high-value real estate transactions.

Beyond real estate, Jade is also active in media, where her team gets millions of views, boosting her influence in the industry.

Jade Shenker was born into a family of real estate tycoons, which provided her early exposure to the industry!

Jade Shenker was born in the Upper East Side and raised in a real estate developer family. Her father, Marc Shenker, and her grandfather are both big-shot names in the real estate business.

Although the connection was one of her benefits, it doesn’t appear that Jade Shenker ever worked alongside them or directly sought their help to secure her position.

That said, her upbringing provided early exposure and insight into the real estate world, making her the first female real estate tycoon in her family’s four generations.

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Jade Shenker began her career at Oxford Properties Group before starting her investment brokerage, Shenker Denham, in Miami.

Later, she expanded her experience as the Operations Sales Director at Prospect Development Group from 2020 to 2022.

At the same time, she has been growing the Commercial Collective at SERHANT since 2021.

On Owning Manhattan, she said, “My goal for SERHANT. is to run the best commercial division that New York has ever seen — and make it sexy.

Her expertise in handling multimillion-dollar transactions with high-profile clients further enhances her financial success.

Jade’s clients include athletes from the NFL, Grammy-nominated producers, LVMH brands, Dom Perignon, Netflix actors, and fashion icons such as Virgil Abloh and Co.

She gained recognition as a top-performing real estate agent, earning accolades as a Top 30 Under 30 real estate advisor and investor.

Additional Information

  • Beyond her professional achievements, Jade has served on planning and zoning boards in South Florida.
  • Jade pursued a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication from Florida International University.
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