Kelly Villares’ parents, Lina and Onel, decided to stay married until their children got older!

Kelly Villares says she is grateful for her parents unwavering support to become what she is now.


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In Netflix’s America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, rookie member Kelly Villares talks about how she received immense support from her parents, Lina and Onel, despite their own personal challenges.

Although Kelly’s parents portrayed themselves as a perfect family in front of their kids, they were actually on the edge of separating. However, they chose to stay together for the sake of their children until they grew older.

Staying together they provided their children with great support, both financially and emotionally to achieve their dreams and passion.

In the series, Kelly states, “I was grateful that they stuck it out for me, because I would never ask them to do something like that. That’s crazy.

America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

IMDb Documentary

Follows the 2023-24 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad, their auditions and training camp, and finally, the end of the Cowboys season predictably ended in the NFC Wild Card Round.

DirectorGreg Whiteley
Release DateJune 20, 2024
StudioOne Potato Productions, Boardwalk Pictures
CastKelli FinglassJudy Trammell, Victoria Kalina
Runtime45 minutes
WritersGreg Whiteley

Although Kelly’s parents have gone different ways, they still work together to keep their kids focused!

Kelly Villares is the elder child in her family, with a younger brother named Kevin. They were both born and raised in Weehawken, New Jersey.

According to various sources, her father works as a Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation business development director.

Although not much information is available about her parents, it is known that her parents provided huge support to Kelly for her to reach where she is today.

Kelly’s passion for dancing began at a very young age. From the age of 3, she already showed interest in music and displayed a natural camera-friendly manner.

Additionally, her father, Onel, states, “Ever since she was little, that’s all she ever dreamed of, being a star, being center stage. You can just see that passion…

To achieve her dreams, Kelly’s parents sacrificed a lot of time and money to support her and help her reach where she is today.

Further, Lina states, “Financially, there was absolutely no way I could have provided that for her alone, So I waited, And I’m thrilled I did.

Now, despite their different ways, Kelly Villares’ parents still continue to support and love her. Kelly aims to make her parents proud of all they have sacrificed for her.

Additional Information

  • Living in New Jersey, Kelly did not think she had a chance to be a part of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
  • Kelly’s brother, Kevin, majored in quantitative finance with a minor in computer science and is a baseball player.
  • She graduated from Rutgers University Dance Team, where she served as a co-caption for her team for the 2022-2023 season. Alongside dancing, she also actively participated in cheerleading.
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