Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast resumes: One Piece chapter 1119 spoilers and early manga leaks explained!

Disclaimer: The following article contains major spoilers for the One Piece. Read at your own risk!


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The Straw Hat Pirates are finally about to escape from Egghead Island all while trying to get rid of elders by kicking them away from tailing the crew to Elbaf as per the One Piece chapter 1119 brief spoilers.

In the previous chapter 1118, Bonney transformed into Nika form just like Gear 5 Luffy and were ready to face Mars together.

While Mars was already engaging with Luffy and Bonney, Ju Peter and Warcury were hurrying towards the Elbaf’s ship.

With Bonney’s transformation being the center piece of chapter 1118, fans speculated chapter 1119 would discuss her power and it turns out to be somewhat true.

One Piece

IMDb Action Adventure Animation

Monkey D. Luffy sets off on an adventure with his pirate crew in hopes of finding the greatest treasure ever, known as the “One Piece.”

DirectorEiichiro Oda
Release DateJuly 22, 1997
StudioToei Animation Co., Ltd
CastMayumi Tanaka, Akemi Okamura, Laurent Vernin
WritersEiichiro Oda
Runtime24 minutes

Ancient Robot wakes up, Bonney is exhausted and turns back into a kid in One Piece chapter 1119

According to the early brief spoilers for One Piece chapter 1119, the giants are cheering for Luffy and Bonney. However, one of the elders, Mars says it’s a fake transformation and goes on to attack.

Luffy transforms into a giant ballon to deflect the attack and asks others in the ship to send those monster flying away as they can recover.

So, along with Sanji, Franky and Bonney, Luffy makes a combined attack that sends Mars flying.

Then, the ancient robot finally wakes up again with the Den Den Mushi which resumes the broadcast.

In the broadcast Vegapunk says that which was inherited can be called a “Will” and he hopes it has been passed down.

The scene changes back to Luffy who attacks Ju Peter while the Warcury attacks for the Elbaf ship.

Though many speculated Bonney might not get exhausted like Luffy, it turns she does get exhausted and turns back into a kid.

Then, Ancient Robot flashback starts with voices of Joyboy saying, “Emeth, when the time arrives you must…”

Then, the robo-kun leaps forth from the sea and attacks Warcury, protecting the ship and Luffy yells, “Robot,” perhaps in an excitation.

Unfortunately, there is a break next week, so the One Piece chapter 1120 will only come around second week of July.

Additional Information

  • One Piece is a long-running Japanese manga series by author Eiichiro Oda that premiered on Fuji TV on October 20, 1999.
  • It is the best-selling manga series in history and the best-selling comic series printed in a book volume.
  • The series currently consists of 1118 Episodes (ongoing), 5 OVAs, 13 television specials, and 15 movies.
  • Further, some of the pirates are based on real-life historical pirates in the series.
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