Christina Whittaker of Relentless is still missing and nowhere to be found as of 2024!

As Christina Whittaker was 21 years old at the time of disappearance, she would be 36 if she is still alive.


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Although it has been over 14 years since the mysterious disappearance of Christina Whittaker on November 13, 2009, she is still missing as of this date.

Since she disappeared from Hannibal, Missouri, there have been many theories and rumors about what might have happened to her.

Also, in 2021, Christina Fontana directed the six-part Discovery+ docuseries Relentless, which featured 11-year investigation material. Despite many police and private investigations, Christina Whittaker’s fate remains uncertain.


IMDb Documentary Crime

Documentary filmmaker’s obsessive journey to find the truth behind the disappearance of a missing woman.

DirectorChristina Fontana
Release DateJune 28, 2021
CastAl Burke, Christina Fontana

Christina Whittaker, mother to a six-month-old daughter, vanished on November night without a trace!

On the night of Friday, November 13, 2009, Christina Whittaker went out for a well-deserved night out after giving birth to her daughter, Alexandria.

She had promised to return home before midnight to her boyfriend, Travis Blackwell, and would contact him if she did not get a ride. However, she never made it back, and the only last confirmed sighting of her was outside Sportsman’s bar in Hannibal.

The only evidence that police found was her cellphone on the sidewalk outside an apartment complex near Sportman’s Bar.

During the investigation, many witnesses came forward, but their stories varied. So, many thought the town of Hannibal itself was not helping with the investigation of Christina.

One popular theory suggested Christina ran away to Peoria, Illinois, on her own accord.

In an interview, her mother, Cindy, stated that Christina used to take medication for bipolar disorder irregularly.

Further, she used to make self-harm statements time and again. So, some believe her medications with alcohol might have caused extreme confusion, which led to her demise by falling into the nearby Mississippi River.

Meanwhile, the docuseries shed light on another theory that she got kidnapped, held captive in a basement, and eventually sold as a prostitute. It further adds that she became the victim of homicide when she ran away on the night.

Despite how plausible the theories sounded, when investigators dug deeper, they did not find anything to back them up.

Having said that, the docuseries highlighted one particular potential theory around the end: that her soulless body rests at the well inside Glen Ledbetter’s property.

As the Discovery+ investigation team was declined by Hannibal police, they could not verify the theory themselves.

However, later, authorities claimed that they did work with the FBI to dig out and interview incarcerated prisoners. Even after that, they could not solve the mystery of Christina Whittaker’s disappearance.

Additional Information

  • Christina’s mother, Cindy, still believes that her daughter is alive somewhere and wants her to come back home.
  • The true crime investigation docu-series Relentless premiered on Discovery+ on June 28, 2021. While the series chased different theories surrounding her disappearance, they could not find any concrete evidence to back any of them to crack the case.
  • Although the case got global attention, the disappearance of Christina Whittaker has yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page.
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