Dr. Sasha Reid’s childhood was tumultuous due to her parents’ troubled relationship!

Sasha Reid turned her traumatic childhood experiences into her profession.


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Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order is about Sasha Reid and her obsession with psychology, which developed after she had a tough childhood due to her parents’ divorce, as it deeply affected her.

She was just nine years old when her parents separated, and the trauma it left behind became a turning point in her life.

Both of her parents remarried later, but Sasha Reid deeply disliked their new spouses. Regardless, she has never revealed her parents and stepparents’ information, not even their names.

Meanwhile, her mother, a devout Christian, always disapproved of Sasha’s childhood interests, particularly her fascination with monsters, the dark, and witchcraft.

Sasha Reid’s interest in psychology and criminology traces back to her parents’ divorce trauma!

Sasha Reid was born and raised in Dryden, Ontario, a small, secluded town with a population of fewer than 6,000 people. Her family lived in a countryside home, surrounded by an expansive forest.

Although Sasha is the eldest of four sisters—Daytona, Alexis, and Isabella—she felt isolated during her childhood. So, most of her time was spent exploring the vast woods behind her house.

After their parents’ divorce, she felt rejected and uncomfortable at home, which led her to spend a lot of time reading and exploring topics related to abnormal psychology and deviant behavior.

She began studying psychology, and a pivotal moment for her was reading Robert Hare’s Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us.

Then, her interest turned into a passion, and she pursued studies in psychology and mental health, followed by master’s degrees in criminology and sociological studies, as well as applied psychology and human development.

So, her personal history laid a solid foundation for her academic and professional interests in comprehending the minds of individuals who commit violent crimes, especially serial killers.

In an interview, Sasha Reid explains that according to her study, many serial killers had a tough childhood, feeling alone and misunderstood despite their parents’ efforts.

Moreover, she added that they lacked meaningful relationships and felt deeply isolated, leading them to withdraw into their minds. They created fantasies of power and control to cope with their emotions.

Additional Information

  • Currently 30, Sasha Reid is teaching at the University of Calgary in the Law, Society, and Psychology departments while finishing her PhD.
  • She has the world’s most comprehensive database on what makes serial killers tick.
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