Supacell lead Josh Tedeku has starred in seven Hollywood projects, a remarkable feat despite his young age!

Josh Tedeku, despite being young, has already been praised for his diverse acting roles.


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At a very young age, Josh Tedeku has made a major impact in the entertainment industry, showcasing his versatility in both movies and TV shows.

In an interview with The Face, Josh Tedeku revealed that he is just 21 years old and was born in London, United Kingdom.

Even though Josh is still a young actor, he has been compared to Daniel Kaluuya. As a rising star, he is building a reputation with significant roles in high-profile productions and diverse projects.

In addition, his career path proves that regardless of age one can follow this path and can sustain success through versatility.

John Tedeku’s early recognition and work in diverse genres set him apart as a versatile actor

Josh’s roles range from Moonhaven, a sci-fi drama series, to Boarders, a high school drama, which proves his versatility in different genres and characters as an actor.

He thrives in imagination and futuristic settings and can bring a unique character to life in a complex narrative.

Additionally, John Tedeku has impressed the viewers in the superhero action series Supacell, where he portrays the character of Tazer, for which he needed to perform the stunts and complicated scenes.

Moreover, he also participated in a short role like in the long-running series Doctor. He appeared in the 101st episode of the 22nd season as Todd Jarrett.

Furthermore, he is also a theatre actor and has a strong stage presence as he starred in the workshop London Tide at the National Theatre Studio.

His impressive work in these different roles and genres highlights his exceptional acting skills and suggests he has a bright and exciting career ahead.

Additional Information

  • Josh Tedeku began acting in 2019 and is currently under the Hamilton Hodell agency in the United Kingdom.
  • He attended the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge in 2019, where he became the regional winner and advanced to the finals.
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